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You know what?

I hate 'Kids to the Cup'

Because TWICE A YEAR they tempt me with's an essay contest, right now it's for the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, or Belmonst Stakes. They give two tickets to, like, three or five winners each. And I ALWAYS want them. Every. Single. Time.

But I could never go...because, well, they're rather far away. The Derby might be one that would be a very long car ride away...but it would also take time to get there, and would involve missing school during the last month, and hell what do we have then...Finals? MAP testing? Rawr.

The Preakness would be nice, because we'd be in Maryland, and have a place to stay. It would be RIIIIGHT after school got out. But, plane ride. Why do those things have to cost so much....I don't think mom has enough frequent flyer miles to deal with that.

The biggest and best would be the Belmont. Oh. My. God. ESPECIALLY if we drew our luck and got the incredibleness of a horse that ran for the crown, and won the Derby and Preakness. *Shiver* I would LOVE to be there, and possibly witness the first Triple Crown winner in twenty-seven long, painful years. And...New. York. City. UGH, it would be the best. But, again, plane ride, and NYC is crazy with how much it costs, even during the winter. What would early summer do? Eeek.

So, in all, KTTC is evil. I may still enter, because I can't really pass up the chance. It's an easy essay, too, 600 words or less on the topic "I want to attend a Triple Crown race because..." Last year it was 'Which Triple Crown race is the most important, and why?' I didn't finish, so I didn't enter. Mine was the Derby, I think. Derby for deciding the fate, or Belmont for the biggest test of champions. Hmm...still think Derby is most important. But do you know how much I LOVE the Belmont after last year? After watching my once beloved Birdstone KICK THAT HORSES ASS? Oh god, I screamed my head off. It was the only year I was yelling "NO! NO! NO!" because the Triple Crown contender was winning. Everyone was around me at that family reunion, and they all wanted it, cause they were STUPID...and Smarty Jones was behind...then in front, and in front, and they're cheering him on and I'm screaming that it can't happen, IT'S NOT WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN, AND HE CAN'T BE THE ONE...and suddenly, Birdstone just gallops right on by. While everyone else is screaming for it not to happen, I'm about to run up and hug the TV. 'Cause I loved Birdstone at that point. Then I turned and just said "I TOLD you! I TOLD YOU!"


I feel then watch Funny Cide's Triple Crown. I heart Funny Cide. And at least he's still racing. That stupid other horse retired after, like, one more race after the Belmont. I have unadulterated loathing for that horse. And the other fans hate me for it. When another person on this board mentioned that she felt she was the only one that was pleased by his loss, and I replied in the same...we got attacked. Absolutely bitched out. From people that had basically gone "HA HA HA! NA NA NA NA NA NA, FUNNY LOST! HA HA!" the year before. I was pissed...

Wow. It's been ages since I spoke of horse racing. It was my biggest obsession in 2002 and 2003. I miss it...but I've long fallen out of the crowd....and I don't feel accepted at my message board anymore, so I stopped posting there. I don't know. I still watch, I still scream down the stretch, I still have my racing channels that I turn to sometimes. But it's not what it used to be. It's weird.

*Wanders off to watch Funny's TC and 2003's Breeders' Cup*


P.S. I just went back to my Breeders' Cup 2004 entry. I don't have that one on tape, cause someone stupid deleted it from the Tivo...rawr...but yeah, I found this.

'I'd forgotten why I loved horse racing so much. Why I adored every second, despite drugs, controversy, and danger.

Then I realized after the Classic that I was shaking, my heart was about to beat out of my chest, and that I'd been screaming.'

Exactly why I still love it now. *Huggles horse racing* I feel a very long rant about this coming up some time...
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Total Time: 83 minutes/1 hour and 23 minutes
This Session: 50 minutes
Dragons Rescued: 32 (Total)/16 (This Session)
Gems: 2998 (Total)/1998 (This Session)
Levels Finished Total: Artisan World Home
- Stone Hill
- Dark Hollow
- Town Square
- Toasty
- Sunny Flight
Peace Keepers Home
- Dry Canyon
- Cliff Town
- Doctor Shep
- Night Flight
(NOTE - Ice Cavern is complete except for the 398/400 gem count)
Levels Finished This Session: Peace Keepers Home
- Dry Canyon
- Cliff Town
- Doctor Shep
- Night Flight
(See note in 'Finished Total' for Ice Cavern)
Eggs: 5 (Total)/3 (This Session)

Trish is pleased. Except for the two gems in Ice Cavern...rawr.

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There's a thread on right now....

'Firefly fans are better people. Why?'

- We never give up.

- No prime directive...we can screw with people's minds all we want.

- We're friendly!

- Not to mention modest.

- We just are.

- 'Cause we got taste!

- Because we are so...very...pretty.

- Because it's enough to be still flying.

- ....cause.

- 'Cause we're the next link in the evolutionary chain.

- We have big smiles

- We'll be with you til the day you die.....

- We're all sarcastic and ironical; other fans...not so much

- We understand the importance of swearing in Chinese

- We may say 'Shiny' but we really like it gritty.

- Our Captain wears tight pants his own self

- We get to say "Damn" whenever referring to our favorites (BDH, BDM)

- And how cool is it to throw a SHINDIG rather than an ordinary meetup or party?

*Huggles the Browncoats...she refuses to say 'Flans'*

What else could be added....oh, we don't CARE if you didn't see the show when it first came out! Because we're more or less one of the more intelligent fandoms. We don't mind the horses in space. We rarely have big arguements about the stupidest parts of the fandom. We're rather diverse...which leads to plenty of real-life connections and differences. (Just check out the 'Real World' fourm on Eek.) And *Points to her icon* We will rise again!

And we can kill you with our brains. (Does that make us better, or just more powerful?)

Now! All you guys who aren't fans of Joss Whedon's Firefly...go watch it. Now. So you can have bragging rights when the film surprises everyone.



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