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I somehow stumbled upon an old chapter of the story that essentially planted most of what makes up me - somehow my weird little adventure into some characters I'd created on a whim brought me to a lifelong friend and also ten million annoyances who still talk actively to this day. After a really intense night, I ended up getting a bit wrapped up in what is literally the first spark of a personal history where I can start to see things fall into place.

Unfortunately, said spark is wrapped up around a prose story that I took very, very seriously.

I had fun snarking at myself and my characters for a little bit.

Chapter 14
Hawk had turned away about fifteen minuets ago, and Trisha hadn’t been able to stop him.
Minuets? Those things last a while. Trish probably should have at least sat down for a while.

Drake's first goal upon Morca, Amit, Hawk, etc. leaving is to basically sex Trish up. I mean that's what he does in Morca/Drake AUs when just Amit leaves, but come on man, self control.

Wherein Trish is a hypocrite. Other stuff happens, but that's really the most important part, isn't it? )
And now I am sleepy so I will stop, but maybe I'll go back to the beginning. I'm sure THAT is another sort of funny entirely...


Apr. 7th, 2009 04:42 pm
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Who FINALLY has a soundtrack/recording album list?

That would be me!

List of Soundtracks, OBCs, OOBCs, NBCs )

As well as...

Musical Bootlegs - Full Shows, Individual Songs, and Videos! )

A shout out to Daphyn, who seriously supplied me with probably 85% of this list over the course of about 4 CDs. Major luff. *Huggles!*

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I've edited this to just include TV shows and books, since musical fandoms are harder to work with. I'll likely throw in movies, video games and such later.

16 Fandoms )
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Post anything that you want, and post it anonymously


A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love - anything. Be sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post twice if you'd like.

Then, put this in your LJ to see what your friends (and perhaps others who you don't even realize read your LJ) have to say.

(In other news, I just don't want to sleep. *Frowns*)

Cats Icons!

Aug. 8th, 2005 03:56 pm
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Being just as insane as Lisha, I'm doing a 100 icon thing for Mosaic100. I picked Cats...mostly because it was a musical, which the community was lacking, and I know of a website that has screencaps/cast pictures like WHOA, and I wanted reason to use them. Soooo, I've done 35 icons thus far - you're required to do 35 set to 35 different themes. Some of them were fun, and some made me want to kill all icons. I did kind of get lazy after a bit and I fell into a certain style that was easy enough...but, yesh. Some of these I'm proud of, actually. I'll explain themes if need be, but I have no ambition to do all of it in a post, sadly...

So, yesh, onto the icons. If anyone from my flist or comms I post this in wish to use any icons, just comment away. Credit would be nice, too. ^_^

Were you there when the pharaoh's commisioned the sphynx? )

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Never sit at the top of the driveway at midnight. Just...NEVER DO IT.

Tito and I were sitting around, and this truck drives by, and it slows down but keeps going down the road so we didn't worry much...and then we're sitting around and we see a light coming around the turn, and Tito says "Oh my god...that's the same truck..." and it slows down, practically stops, and pulls into the driveway. And FUCKING SPOTLIGHTS US. Tito and I leapt up and just started flying down the driveway, and I'm screaming "DAD. DAD. DAD." and it follows us down...and I think it stopped at one point and then kept following us, but I just know I was exhausted by the time we had like 20 yards to go and I thought it had stopped, but it kept following us down until we ran into the house, and it came through and turned around in the driveway and then left. It was the single most terrifying thing I think I've ever gone through.

We called 911...because well teh Daphyn is reasonable and all good like that so I took her advice, and the lady said an officer would get in contact with us, then the line went all "if you would like to make a call, please hang up" blah blah blah. But yeah. Terrified. Never called 911 before, that was nifty, lol...

God. SO FRICKIN' SCARED. Ugh. Probably not staying downstairs for long, it's terrifying up here. Call the house if you feel like talking tonight.

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Life is a cabaret, old chum
It's just a cabaret, old chum
And I love a cabaret
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Reply with an anonymous comment with an answer for each question, then take back to your own LJ and post:

1. One cryptic I may understand...but I may not.

2. One compliment you've wanted to give me.

3. One random thing just off the top of your head.

4. One celebrity you hate to admit you are attracted to.

5. One celebrity you love to admit you are attracted to.

6. How old do you feel?

7. About how long have we known each other/known of each other?

8. And a hint as to who you are.

Have fuuuuun.


Apr. 8th, 2005 04:07 pm
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Familiar with candle?
With book and with bell?
Were you Witingham's friend?
The Pied Piper's assistant?
Have you been an alumnus of heaven and hell?



It goes back to Hanaaahhh on Monday, and Alicia gets it sometime next week, then Kelsey gets it next Friday. One of these days, it'll go back to Sarah. It IS her video. But, no. Not yet. *Sings along happily*

I so know it's spring. There are dandelions, and the flowers are coming up, and the vinca is purpl (I think that's what it's called?), and there are butterflies fluttering around when I come home. Sadly, along with these things, it also means it's getting hotter (*clings to her hoodies*) and there are bugs. Everywhere. I was nearly mauled by a bee today, and there are FLIES when I go to the barn. *twitch* Okay, I know everyone hates flies, but I feel I can win any contest. Being a horse person, flies are more than an annoyance. They are enemy number ONE. Ugh. EVERYWHERE. ALL THE TIME. Rawr. I want them GONE.

Um, yeah. Flies = evil.

And sad Rambaldis shirt is too small for me. And I have no idea why. It's about the same size as my vintage shirts that I love so much, and it fit okay when I got it. But this morning it annoyed me to the point of changing into my Defy Gravity shirt. Maybe it was just annoyed with me, but yeah...annoyingness...maybe my boobs got bigger. *Glares at them.* Hopefully I can fix it, I've done it before. Damn me for getting the girlie style.

And that's about it for now...Hanaahh comes over Sunday, yay. And now I must go watch CATS. *Dance*



Apr. 6th, 2005 07:57 pm
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It's storming. Pretty, yes, but freaking me out.

Nice thing about it (well, aside from the pretty) is that, when I walk outside, it smells like rain...and it just washes over me and takes over my senses and it's lovely. I adore the smell of rain.

And Lost just did an Alias music end episode thing...semi-annoying music building theeeennnnn STOP. It was odd.

I'm bored. No one is online. I talked to Willses for a bit, but aside from that, no Kelly, no Lisha, no Nicole, no Brendan, no Eve...bah. Woe is me.

This should so give me an excuse to write...or, at the very least, find a last name for Selena. Because I finally just caved and let Nadia keep 'LaRue' (Nadia LaRue sounds like one word...and it annoys me. If anything, it's just gonna magically change to Daniau or Duval or Labelle midway through the story. Like Hawk's did. Tee hee...Hawken Garret. *Gigglesnort*

But, no, I'm LAZY. And I don't know what I want to write. In all honesty, that idea I had for the weird town that truly believed homosexuality was a mental disease and therefore went all 'But I'm A Cheerleader!' on everyone, except less pink and blue, and more actually starting to look fun...and has more of a serious air than I originally pondered. I think Nadia and Selena are part of that universe, because Nadia is quite angsty on the subject of her girlie...and Selena is just yeah I'm thinking they've been forced to be seperated. *Huggles them*

LISHA IS ONLINE. OMG. YAY. *Goes to click the little window. It scrolls away.* Damnit.

Ewwwwwww, Desperate Housewives. Ewwwwww, Vaughn. Ewwwww, Vaughn/Sydney. Blah to you, JJ.

Yay, rain. If it rains, I can go have a free Saturday and make my t-shirts with Hanaaahhh and get the Cats video back. YAY.


I should wander off before I continue ranting...

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So Weird tvtome thread, started by one of the most vocal and in-the-know fans....

"Jon Cooksey informed me this morning that Disney has bought the rights to So Weird again, for another five years, probably so they can release it on DVD. This means they will probably put it back on TV to ensure the DVD sales will go well."


Not something big and official, like Disney announcing 'Oh, yeah, the DVDs, TAKE THEM NOW' which would be GORGEOUS...but damnit...they're releasing other shows/movies on DVD and So Weird deserves it. Though, if it came down to 'New Episodes' (which would never happen, but I can dream) and DVDs...I could so see the entire fanbase screaming in joy...yes, yes I can.

*Thinks* New eppies of So wouldn't that be nifty. I think I'm the only person in the entire fanbase that didn't much mind Annie. I mean, Fi was the best, she will ALWAYS be the best, and no one could completely replace her (*mutters about Cara moving on*), but I did like Annie. She was fun, she could sing, and her first episode was FANTASTIC. It was also Fi's last, and and the will 'o the wisp and LITTLE DUCK and the ring and AHH. I loved that episode, so therefore I think I associate Annie with that. I also associate Annie with Jack. Stupid kids never realized anything, did they...see Fi never much had people to pine over, so Annie and Jack was amusing.

Oh, but yeah. I think I couldn't care either way if it was Cara or Alexz that returned...Fi and Annie together would be the best, Fi would be awesome, Annie would be cool too...not picky, I would just want the show back. Not gonna happen, in fact it's dead set that it won't (Disney puts a stupid 65 episode limit on all their shows to save money and I guess good press, and So Weird met that in its 3rd season.) but a fan can dream...

Yes, my obsession has been renewed. I'm clinging to the five songs I have and I'm planning on downloading my favorite other ones. And I'm running around madly on the fansites (*glomps Cory, who has been around since the beginning, and sooo isn't going anywhere soon*) and having general fun time. Yesh. YAY FOR SO WEIRD.

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My So Weird obsession is slowly raising itself up from the dead. I never watched this show when it originally aired...I think I was too young to understand it, I was a Nickelodeon kid, and I just didn't turn to it. But I think my first summer of talking on the lovely MSN with Lisha...I would be up at, like, two AM and it would come on Disney, and I began watching it. And I fell in love. I just couldn't help myself. I loved the characters, the stories, the music...gah. They stopped playing it, even at like 4 AM...sadness...but here's hoping it makes it to DVD, or someone has all the episodes on tape...

But, annyways, I dug up the songs I downloaded. Yay! My absolute favorite song like, ever, is from So Weird...

The Rock )

*Glings to The Rock* It's gorgeous. Just...gah, gorgeous. I want to see that episode so badly, now.

And I remember Jewel being in the Siren episode. Faintly, because I don't much remember the Siren ep much, but yes, I remember her. And that happifies me.

*Pets her poor So Weird* I wish I could find the few episodes I had on tape...the one where Annie comes...well Fi's last episode...I want to watch it now...


One In A Million World )
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01. Post a list of 10 TV shows you watch/ed.
02. Have your friends list guess your favourite character and couple from each show.
03. When someone guesses your favourite character, bold the title. Favourite ship, italicize.
04. When guessed, tell us why you like that character/couple.

1. Buffy

Character - Tara. She was just...I don't know. She was different. Her character arc was AMAZING, from this quiet girl to a girl who could sooo kick your ass. She truly cared for Willow, but was the only character in a relationship that was smart enough to get out when she felt things couldn't be helped. Plus? She's just preeetttyyyy...

Relationship 1 - SPUFFY! Don't we all love them? They're pretty, and yeah, Buffy was stupid, Spike wasn't much better, but he always loved her. He got a soul for her. She...well she did nothing for him. That's why we hate her. But we loooove Spuffy.

Relationship 2 - Everyone do the dance of Tillow love. They were probably the most adorable thing in the history of ever. They were quite the metaphore for the LONGEST time, then well, what can I say, Tara floats Willows boat. Even when Tara left I felt the pairing was still good...because Tara was doing what she needed to do...and then they had coffee and things were HAPPY again!

2. Firefly (One more character left)

I'm quite tempted to say I have two favorite characters...and you know what...I do...SOOO!

Character -, not because he's hot in those tightpants, though you gotta admit, they aren't bad for him at all. He lost his faith in everything, and it made him the most bitter, sarcastic person you'd ever meet, but he manages to be the biggest softie you'll meet when it comes to some (aww, Kaylee...) He's somewhat stupid, but he knows when he screws up and he'll find a way to fix it, even if it does involve guns or wobbly headed geisha dolls. And he's just going to kick your ass.

Relationship - Mal/Inara. I mean, COME ON, just MAKE OUT ALREADY! They both love each's painfully obvious in Our Mrs. Reynolds for Inara, and Heart of Gold for Mal. The fact that they can't be together makes the whole think annoying...Inara can't let a relationship conflict her job, and Mal can't accept the path she's chosen. But damnit, they're just going to do it. Like, right now. In the movie, it's gonna happen.

3. Alias

Character - Marshall....why? Because he can kick. Your. Ass. And he speaks German. And he has a BABY. And his name is Black Kitty. He's just love all around.

Relationship - Sarkeny, because well, it's just pretty. And Lisha explained it pretty well in hers.


Character - How can you NOT love Phoebe? She's ditzy, way out there, and she says what's on her mind. She talks like me, dances like me, and I'm afraid to say thinks like me. She likes to stay out of conflict, but when it comes about, she can sooo beat you down.

Relationship - LOBSTERS. Obviously. Duh. They were meant for each other since Ross pined after her in high school. And they loved each other, and they're meant for each other...why? Ross whines, and Rachel bitches. What can I say, individually I don't much like them. But together, they're perfect. They got married, and dude, when you're drunk the truth comes out. Plus, Emma brought them closer together, and in the end, RACHEL GOT OFF THE PLANE. Oh, and? I have the urge to yell this, even though I'm usually on Rachel's side......THEY WERE ON A BREAK!

5. Scrubs
6. The L Word (Still need character)

Relationship - I'm gonna give Lisha this one, 'cause it's close enough. Dana and Alice. DALICE. They're adorable, and they obviously like each other despite the multiple imperfections they've pointed out to each other. They're complete perfection. And Tonya = evil.

7. Angel (Still need relationship)

Character - Illyria...the smurf...gotta love her. She's completely lost in her new world, and has no idea why she can't have things the way she's used to. She eventually adapts to the side she's been forced to, and goes all insano with her destruction...but damn, she loves it. And watching her try, though quite stupidly, to help Wes...well, it's heartbreaking. And I love it.

8. Boy Meets World (Still need character and one relationship)

Relationship 1 - Awwwwww, Cory/Topanga. LOVE THEM. LOVE THEM NOW. They've been in love since the age of two...and I mean, if you don't love them as adults, you have to love them as four year olds, when Cory falls into the llama pen. And through all the ups and downs, they stuck by each other...and just...they're cute.

9. The 10th Kingdom

Character - Wolfie...just 'cause he's adorable.

Relationship - Wolfie/Virginia...because they want each other...and now. And through all the odd things he did, she couldn't help but lust after him, oh no. And he knew they were going to be together...his wolfie intuition told him so...and the singing ring! And sex in the woods. Yes. Wolfie/Virigina is grand.

10. So Weird (BAHAHAHA. If anyone here even knows character names I'm going to love you forever. And here is me begging for So Weird fans...I miss my show....)

AND AND AND! I'm gonna nab another meme...similar to above, but you figure out my favorite songs in MUSICALS. (Lisha had fun and chose relationships instead of now doing both)

1. RENT (songs/two are tied) Mark/Joanne...because DAMNIT, it's there! Vibes!
2. Wicked (songs/two are tied) Elyero...because they deserve each other...and he loves her despite her outward appearance, and even when she takes that hardheaded approach that the rest of Oz mistakes as wickedness, he still loves her. Hell, she changes him, and he still loves her. And she just thinks he's hawt stuff. So, meant to be. But Elinda, friends...and they already care for each other...maybe it didn't happen past the end of the musical, but in between acts one and two. Yes.
3. Bare
4. Tick, Tick...BOOM
5. Hairspray (songs/two are tied)
6. The Lion King
7. Cats (songs/three are tied)
8. Mary Poppins - MARY/BERT. 'Cause they waaaannnttt each other. Jolly Holiday is Bary love.
9. Rogers & Hammerstein's Cinderella - I think that is just you, Lisha sweetie.
10. Once More, With Feeling - Spuffy. But of course.

And on the musical one...if you want you can try to guess my favorites from The Boy From Oz, Moulin Rouge and Chicago. More than one for Chicago. ^_^

*Hops around*

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ONLY in a phone conversation with the one and only Lisha can you get....

Idina. (Or even better? Idina as Drake.)

Gary Coleman.

Possessed ice machines.

Reception desks left alone.

Evil elevators.

Crazy good cell phone signal.

Only 5,000 minutes to talk.


Just muses in general.

Gotta love it!


P.S. Alias? WAS AWESOME. I cried. I giggled madly. I love it.

Bride of the P.S. My icons go bye bye. *Tear*


Mar. 31st, 2005 05:52 pm
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Tee hee!

I have Defying Gravity on my phone. ^_^ Well,'s just 'I think I'll try defying gravity' over and over, but you know what it's more Wicked-y than any of my other ringtones. Holy crap, I have no idea how much the whole thing will cost, the ring alone was $2.50..hopefully I don't get my butt kicked...

But the Cingular site gets my lurve. Because in the 'Movie/TV' section, it has like EVERY song from Wicked. I can't listen to the previews, but if this ringtone ended up not downloading like $10 worth of stupid stuff, I want No Good Deed and Popular and What Is This Feeling? and One Short Day and March of the Witch Hunters and AHH! Oh, oh, Wonderful. 'Cause I bet it's something like "Wonderful, they'll call you wonderful!" over and over, and I can deal with that. There's also the FRIENDS theme and 'If You Were Gay.' *Giggle* Still can't figure out how to get the old Alias theme (speaking of that, I need to watch that new eppy don't I...), but once I do, I'm going to nab it. 'Cause it's pretty.

And everyone is GONE NOW. Daphyn is all running off to Michigan, and Lisha is in Wisconsin...all in the same day. I can call both of them, and I think once my dad gets off the phone I shall call Lisha so I can ramble like I do on a daily basis. Tomorrow or Saturday I'll prolly call teh Daphyn, at least if what she gave me was her cell phone number. If I get a Southern guy that says "There's no Daphyn hare," I'm going to die laughing.

I shall be at Jessi's tomorrow. *Dances* Yay for that. "I'm missing something..." "A girlfriend?" "Yes." "No! A CAT!"

*Stares* Syd dahling, you in the yellow dress is slightly frightening...

Today is musey Jason's birthday! He celebrates his tomorrow, with Emily (due to the twins deciding that they wanted to be born on different days...stupid midnight...Jasey is technically a day older than Emi. Even though he's only four hours older. Emi is bitter about it, too.) but yeah I like being all 'Woot Jasey!' today. He's NINETEEN. It seems that only a year or two ago he was 6. Oh, wait, THAT'S BECAUSE HE WAS. Silly me. But, anyways, yay with that. Tomorrow is the yayness of both the start of April Fools, April Fools Day, and the fact that Emi shall be 19 as well. She will be very happy about that, not only because she's odd, but because she gets 19 fireworks for her from Luke. And 19 for Jason. Yay for my pyromaniac muses.

And the oddness that is Chloe...she talked to Emi today. Emily doesn't much have a view on her, most of the deals are with Amara and Luke, but she's long stopped thinking of her as a friend. And they were kind of dry and sarcastic with each other, but the civil was still there. And at some point, Chloe raises an eyebrow and grabs Emily's hand and stares at the rings on her hand. So then they talked about Zack and the fact that Emi wants to have kiddlins someday and, well, the odd stuff that didn't seem to fit Chloe's conversational skills. So that was sort of fun.

And HOW does Syd get reception from in a coffin? When I can't even get it at my house. HMMMMMM? And the smart thing to do would be to breathe shallow, wouldn't it? Holding your breath makes you have to take deeper it's a pain in the ass and makes your heart go 'STOP IT NOW!' And she should calm down, but you know, if I were in a coffin alive, I would be much worse off than that...

I should hop off and watch the rest of Alias...

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*Clings to Daphyn* I'm listening to Kendra and Natalie sing 'Take Me Or Leave Me.' *Pauses* Oh my god.

I never thought I would ever hear G(a)linda and Gary Coleman singing together. HEHEHEHE. *Huggles Rent alumni*

And Lisha isn't going to be here the rest of the week. But of course, I'm always calling her when I'm on vacation, so she should expect the nightly call. Yesh.

What else do I need to say very quickly....oh! Bridget Jones : The Edge of Reason! Adorable! Cute! As good as the first one. I'm insanely in love with the original, but this one was juuust as funny. I have to read to the book, though, 'cause I'm sad that I didn't finish the 2nd one before I watched the movie. Oh, well. It was still wonderful. And Hugh Grant and Colin Firth are as delicious as ever...*melt*

I have to give up the Cats video. Yes, sad, I know. But Hanaaahhh wants to see it, so I'm reluctantly handing it over. Hmmms....

And I should go and get some sleep. 'Cause I'm like that, with needing the sleep and all.


P.S. *Stares at Jessi*
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Yes. Cats. Again. *Clings to it*

I really need good screencaps of it. I'll ask around, but I REEALLY want frame-by-frames. Mostly short ones...Rumpelteazer shaking her head/pointing back and forth in The Awful Battle (SO CUTE!), and the same charrie and same song, when she's shaking her cute lil' butt on Munkustrap. Tee hee. And also, Misto in The Jellicle Ball...there's a moment where the camera focuses on him tilting his head back and forth. *Melts* I want to watch that over and over and over in an icon. Yes. Oh, and Rumpelteazer's rump-shakin' in Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats (right before they group up on the stairs, when they start walking backwards). Yes. Rumpel is just too adorable not to want icons of must find someone that does fram-by-frame requests.

Less than 3 hours on the Kristin Bell on Ellen thing. Megh.

What happened today, aside from school stuff. I have homework, oops. I'll do it, eventually. Just an interview with imaginary nobles and servants for Mrs. Levin, and 8 really easy questions for Reinkie. So, bleh.

Aside from boring stuff like that...Catty made friends with Chloe. Kind of. They talked, at the very least. Catty decided that Chloe may be considered a bitch by all, but she felt the need to give her a chance since she didn't know her. Didn't go over with hugs and puppies, but Ellie was quite civil even to begin with. They talked for a good half hour, 'bout random stuff. And I learned that Chloe can be kind of okay, though of course when put back in company with the minis that knew her she was alll about being close to what we saw last night. I got to be amused by the look Cat got when she was offered a cigarette...her nose got all wrinkled and she stuck out her tongue and shook her head. *Pets Catty*

I just realized I also have that summary I have to do of To Kill A Mocking Bird. Rawrness. I guess that means I should actually do homework.

Toodle pip!


Oh! The sexiness that is my new cell phone. )

Well huh

Mar. 28th, 2005 10:32 pm
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New muse. She's...interesting.

Her name is Chloe. She's a bitch, quick to defend and not much liked by our mini muses. This is because well Luke more or less rejected her, and it turned her into a psychotic bitch...we're assuming because she'd never been turned down before. She tried to beat the crap out of Amara, and ever since, well, obvious hatred. Though she allowed for many amusing moments, including Emi walking into the room and screaming "HOLY SHIT!" and Luke running out of the room very fast. She took hits at Amara, but of course got them spit back at her...and and BECAUSE SHE WAS THERE, Luke and Amara pretended to be back together. And they kind of have to continue it until she leaves. Which as of now could be tomorrow, or well longer. LAMARA! LAMARA! *Huggles Luke/Amara*

Chloe is an interesting critter. Much like Trish in some instances, such as the prideful and bitchy and stubborn qualities. Luke offered her a room (he just wants Amara longer) but she declined and ran the barn, where Morca found her...the conversation was odd. Mostly Morca cornering Chloe in the tack room, because the girl had planned to crash there, and trying to get her to admit what she was doing. Chloe (I'm gonna call her Ellie, 'cause I like it more) was very rawr...but I think she finally said...

"I'm not going home."
"Oh, look, getting somewhere. Why?"
"Fuck off."
"Well, well, you've got quite the mouth. Kind of remind me of my best friend, except I'm much more fond of Trish. *Pause* Look, whatever is going on, I don't much care...obviously there are issues here, and apparently also wherever you're supposed to be right now. But either way, I'm not letting you sleep in the tack room. Go home, or stay in a room up at the house. If you're going to sleep on our property, you might as well be comfortable."

Then Morca dragged Ellie back to the house. She doesn't like her much, and she's going to be rather blunt with her and anything she says. But she had to be a mom and at least give her a place to stay. *Pets Morca* And I'm almost interested in learning about teh Ellie now. Because Emi told me she used to be an okay person, and that they were more or less friends in Jr. High. *Shrug* It'd be nice to know more about her.

Along with her, I got another muse...Nadia. She took FOREVER to name. God, what is it with the lesbians, I can never come up with names...

And I have school tomorrow. *hiss* Bye everyone.



Mar. 28th, 2005 02:53 pm
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I have at least two Veronica Mars fans here on my flist...and one already prolly knows...but, oh well.

TWOP's Now Or Never stuff is teh awesome. *Clings to her Rambaldi's t-shirt*

EEDDIITT (because I already have MANY posts for today) -


I have a cell phone now. *giggle* And it's HAWT. All black and FLIPPY. I like it.