Feb. 18th, 2005


Feb. 18th, 2005 11:19 am
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Bah. Stayed home today. I'm happy about it...I can't breathe and I'm exhausted. Meh.

Nothing to do, though. I made cookies...I'm watching Ellen Degeneres in Mr. Wrong, which has proved to amuse me...and Dad was playing with the sound on one of his recorders and got 'Memories' on the London record to sound like it was sung by youngish Idina Menzel. ^_^ Great fun.

I think I'm gonna make pictures today...play around with that kind of stuff...yeah.

I'm gonna be at horseback (hopefully) and Cassie's tomorrow...basically once I get home from riding at around 2:15, I have a few minutes to change clothes, wash up a little, and redo my hair then I'm running out the door to hop in a car with Cassie and her peoples to go watch her in a concert for Honors Band. Fun.

*Thinks* I should take my camera with me to horseback...I could get some good stock snaps if I did it really quick, and she turned out Red and Kobie after I rode. Hmmmsers...

And I lied about the packages...they were sent out TODAY. Dad didn't get into town to send them out yesterday like he thought he would.

*Curls up to get more rest*



Feb. 18th, 2005 04:02 pm
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Bah. Stupid nose.

I'm even more exhausted than before...and I'm far less comfy...due to lack of PJs and more jeans and hoodie. I was poking through a stock image gallery on NSHC and I found this picture of a valley in Idaho. It was all green, covered in wild flowers, trees, more hills in the distance...and I just fell in love. It made me want to just get out and RUN, though the yard, into the field next door, flying down to the creek and just listen to the water...

But as it would be, I'm sick. I'm feeling better, but I'm sick. Nonetheless, I got dressed and hopped the fence and just walked. Listened to the wind through the hay, the winter grass crunching under my feet, my dog trotting along ahead...it all overpowered the sound of the road, even though the trucks should be louder than just nature. But I could barely tell I wasn't in a field miles and miles from any form of civilization. There were birds diving around, I could hear baby foxes yipping by the creek. I felt at home. I overdid it a few times...about seven strides of running with my dog was about all I could truthfully manage, so after the 30 second sprint I did up the hill later I had to sit down and catch my breath. But that wasn't a big deal...I collapsed back onto the grass, Daisy plopped down a foot or two away, and I stared at the clouds move across the sky. I was completely at peace. Nothing went through my head, I didn't worry, I didn't stress, I didn't think about the problems that belong to me or my friends that I usually have rolling around in my mind. Perfect. Silence. Wonderful.

I really needed it, too. It was a very calming experience...I haven't felt that good since...I don't know. Standing alone on top of that mountain in Colorado in June, cantering Bummer through the empty field by those show grounds in New Bloomfield last summer...it's been a while. It's a place I love to get to, but can't usually. I think a lot of people could benefit from the kind of feeling. It's beautiful, and it's simple...I just don't know exactly how anyone could be able to capture it at will.



Feb. 18th, 2005 05:28 pm
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"Vixen kicked you out? *Raises eyebrow* What'd you do this time, hun? OH, OH, YOU CAN COME STAY WITH US! *Girlysqueal* YES! I bet Drake would LOVE that. And I still can't figure out why he isn't with Trey. He's with Ephonine...I wouldn't have been bitter about the whole not-being-with-him thing last year if he had gone to Trey. They make a very cute couple."

Trish is going to find much amusement in replying to Aianna's comments in Kelly's lj.

Trish likes being slightly different around Kelly's muses. She's known them much, MUCH longer than the other muses. Longer than Morca, who showed up in a convo one day as two people. Weirdo.

I feel like writing some old school Trish. As in, my kick ass magic bandit, fox shifter, living in RML City, chasing Arewyn around like a maniac, original TRISHY. Daaammmnnn...I miss her. *Pets old school Trishy.*

Now I'm in an early-days-of-Maddy-and-the-internet mood. Kelly was teh awesome...I met her in an RPG. We RPed a LOT together, made RPGs, all that random stuff. T'was fun days, yes they were. And that was when Morca and Amit were the best couple, because Amit wasn't an evil bastard. And I wrote that story that I was oh so proud of. Fwee.



Feb. 18th, 2005 11:43 pm
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"When we met you were less than a dirty fangirl.".

"Yes, but that was before I got smart
Now my fangirling has turned into art!"



P.S. Oh, and let us not forget...

Adriana: "Ummm Trish...listen well Morca and I decided to follow up on the freakyness of the muse and well had him killed."

Morca: "If it makes you feel any better...Amara did that on accident..."

Adriana: "after we placed her there in Luke's car."

Morca: "We also told Cory to meet us at this one place...he was the one that started walking across the street when we actually called him."

Adriana: "but if it helps he was cheating on you....we um think."

Morca: "Yeah...we found an answering machine message! And why we found it...there's a /perfectly/ good reason for us to have been in his apartment."

Adriana: "Well we did see a skanky hoe walking in front of his house."

Lisha: hoe?



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