Feb. 14th, 2005

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I never really got the whole 'Happy Valentine's Day!' thing. It's nice and all, but it's not like Valentine's Day is actually a BIG DEAL. It's the equivalent to me saying 'Happy Martin Luther King Day!' to all my friends...and we're all white. *Shrug* But, yeah...Happy V-Day everyone, huggles to you all (cept Theohara, if she sees this, she gets an anti-hug...)

Hmm, lessee, what happened today. I got 5 carnations, go me...from Hanananah (her card said "Can you feel...the circle of life!), Tito, Jaime, Kelsey L. and Stormey (and her's said "I want my hair wide as a cow, moo moo hey, moo moo hey!") and now they're all in a vase thingy. I wore the one Hanananah gave me in my hair, cause it was already broken. And it was PINK, so at a few points I danced around singing "La la, la la, you'll be popular!" Yeeeaahhhh...

I got a huge big lollipop thing from Marisa, it's red with a different kind of candy in the middle that says 'Be Mine.' This spurred comments from Kyle that we're lesbians together...because, of course, you have to have someone else to be a lesbian with to actually be a lesbian. That's nice, Kyle. Though this opened up an amusing conversation in the back of the bus...Tito can back me up, Ashley decided that "Lesbians are fine, unless you're one." *Blinks* She realized that made NO sense though. And Miss Reinkie is, according to Brendan (the bus Brendan, not the better Brendan...) a 'half-lesbian.' Which means she's bi, but it sounds cooler.


Layton is an ass...which does not mean he's a donkey, though you know STUBBORN AND STUPID AS HELL...but no, he looks like one. Joy. If I kill him, I can not be held responsible for my actions....

Um, other things happened today. But I forget them. Oh, Miss Renkie is gonna be on Wheel of Fortune some day, and she's going to grow old and have many cats and we're going to visit her...and Justin has math issues.

"There was a negative there! I hate myself."

Justin worries me.


P.S. The lollipop tastes like soap
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You also get WEIRD looks when you skip down the hallway singing...

My mom tells me no
But my feet tell me GO!
It's like a drummer inside my heart

*Saxophone imitation & dance.*

Don't make me wait
One more moment for my life to start!
*Good morning, good morning, waiting for my life to start*

It is VERY fun though. Next time I go to visit my mom's family, I'm going to REALLY go Hairspray crazy. My mom grew up in Maryland, and her parents and 3 of her siblings still live there. *Giggle*

And Mrs. Levin made fun of me today...I was picked to read, and I did a little squeal and mini-dance of joy. I start reading, and people laugh, and then I look up to see her imitating me. She giggles and I say "But I was happy." "You're a geek." "I'm proud of it!" Yay, Mrs. Levin.

"Stop, don't, no! Please! Mama, I'm a big girl now!"

I'm so gonna sing that sometime to Mrs. Cunningham if she gets in her bitchy 'DO THAT NOW!' mood. Livejournal is banned from gifted 'cause of all the crap it caused...Layton chooses to go insane with it, even though he's more of an issue to Mrs. C than LJ ever will be.

OH OH OH! Tito gave me a little pin that says "Give me your tots." *GIGGLES HAPPILY* I love it...so I used A LOT of Napoleon Dynamite quotes today. A lot of it was 'Yo, gimme your tots!' and 'Tina you fat lard, come get some dinner!' Lisha hates the Napoleon Dynamite quoteage...but it's fun.

What else...why do I do so many posts in a day....these two today are a few minutes apart...silly Maddy. I should make Daphyn's CD, cause she made mine...all 3 of 'em. I'm a music hog, yay!

"Round three
When we kiss inside his car
Won't go all the way
But I'll go pretty far!"

I measure my LJ posts by how many songs passed while I wrote it...halfway through I Can Hear The Bells, Track 4 of Hairspray...tee hee...


'Nother P.S. post! My icon is by TEH LISHA...It = love...Anya ala Selfless and WICKED lyrics!


Feb. 14th, 2005 08:34 pm
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Yay, my 4 CDs are done burning! I just have to check them and get the little fun envelopes and I shall be able to send them out! Yay, Lisha got RENT and some Firefly stuff, and Hairspray...Daphyn got RENT, Tick Tick Boom, and Firefly stuff.


Icy and Daken are on their way to Paris. So cute! They'll never admit that they love each other...Daken almost said it, but nooo, can't do that. *mumblemutter*

Though I tried to make Icy fill out another survey...she was much with the saying no...but I asked her some of the questions and she decided to answer because plane ride was dull for a little few moments. Lessee what fun stuff did I discover...she admits to having crushes (though she refuses to call them that) on Wolfie when she was around 10/11/12, along with Blade around the same time. And she also now admits to a Sevvie crush around 18, but that's all she'll say. And according to her, past to age of 6, the only people that have seen her cry are Wolf and Sev. She said she would always end up curling up next to Wolfie or ranting to him until it just all came out...or Sev would find her trying to hide while she cried and she would just give up and talk to him about it. Which is kind of sad. Icy thinks she can't be anything but an unemotional 'adult.' *Pets her* And her mom kind of gave her the name Ice, because some kids were picking on her for her name, and Laila had to pull her away from getting into a fight (though of course she knows Icy would win...Laila talks to me sometimes. I LOVE HER.) and decided she might as well help lil' Melody, and she sounded off names until well Icy picked Ice. Yay.

Tee hee, Whose Line. Hoe Down. I want Irish Drinking Song, though...



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