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Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intent of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and shouting, "WOO HOO, what a ride!"

*Giggles* That's a wonderful quote.

Yay, I have Ellen! *huggles her Ellen Degeneres tapes. I love them so. I wanna go to her show one day. Hell, I wanna BE on her show one day. If I'm famous one day, and she's still doing her show, I will BEG to get on it, I tell you. Yes.

Hmm, lessee. I'm really bored...and I think I'm gonna try to find someone to do an rpg pic for Icy, because I think I know a few people that would have a lot of fun with it. I'd be neato if Ceara did it, but I trust alllll the people at NSHC. I would do it, but bah, I'm lazy and they are so good it's scary. Them and their Photoshop skills...then, then the style changed from collage to realistic, I can do collage, I did those for a LONG time...but, no, no more. So they're all super good at that, and it just...it sickens me. ^_^

HORSIES today. *Dances her I Love Kobie dance.* I miss my Kobie. He's hard to ride considering I'm used to Bummer, and yeah...but I LOVE KOBIE. Fwee, he's a BIG softie. *Squee*

Do I have anything else to say...hmm. I'm one of the losers that quotes Napoleon Dynamite...which Lisha doesn't like. Hehe. But it's only a few...I fed my dogs this morning..."Daisy, eat...the food...eat the FOOD!" and last night my sister and I made tater tots. So, you know, it was a lot of...

"Jesse, gimme your tots."
"No, dude, get your own!"
"Gimmes you TOTS!"
"I haven't had anything to eat all day, GEEZE."



*Skips off to do things.*

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So it's too slippery to ride. That's upsetting. I may go just to brush Kobie a little bit, but I'm not sure yet.

Hmm, I must elaborate on my adoration for Kobie.

I don't know him very well. I rode Bummer for two years straight, and I knew him inside and out. Kobie...not so much. He's a huge, 17 hand THOROUGHBRED gelding. I saw him and I freaked a little, but it was love at first ride...he's touch, I have to use my legs way more than with any other horse I've ridden. But oh, my, god...I've been dying to ride a Thoroughbred for years. They're a very beautiful, very powerful, very amazing breed. Even those that don't race are built to last and to move like an angel. And Kobie does that. He's huge, but he's got long lanky gaits, even with a weak hind leg. He has a smooth walk, a flowy-if-springy trot, and a canter to die for. He reaches out and eases himself through every stride, and after riding his back through a canter, I got to watch him. Oh. My. I nearly collapsed it was so gorgeous. He looked just like a British race horse, I SWEAR. Dunno why British, maybe it was just the fog and the clouds but I immediately placed him next to Rock of Gibraltar, the awesomest miler of the century. Big, bay, and wonderful.

And it's not just that. I feel secure on him. Even if, you know, I shouldn't. The first time I rode him he was feeling quite perky, and if I cued him to canter he would be fine, and then charge forward around a certain turn. I got used to it and I would tug him back, but at one point he jerked his head down, kicked back a bit, and picked up to a slow gallop because I lost most of my reins. I fell back from two point and sat in the saddle, and I instantly knew he would not let me fall. I dunno why...I was a little nervous, because he was a brand new horse with very different movements from Bummer, but I felt really safe and I knew if I started to slip he would stop. I got him eased back and I realized I had no stirrups and I had to nearly hug him as he went from a trot to a walk, but I just...I dunno. When I'm in a saddle on his back, I just know I'm gonna be okay. Even when I'm nervous about the speed of his trot or I look down at the ground while I'm in two point at a lope, I know he won't let me fall. And that's why I luffle him.

*Hugs Kobie.*

Plus, he's just big and REALLY FUZZY. *Giggle*

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Survey thingy, nabbed from Tito )

I was gonna say somethin' else...but it's gone now.

Oh, parents are going to Boston next weekend to look at houses. I'm not allowed to go. Rawr. I hope I get to stay home or with Jesse or something.


P.S. I HAVE A NEW ICON! *Squishles it* Not beautiful, but it's ME! And Bummah. I have one that says 'English Girl' for message boards, but I like this one more. *Giggle* I have a showing one, too...with pictures of Bummer. '*Western* , *English* , *Showmanship* , *Merg* , *Snore*' over and over and over. Fwee!
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'Sun filtered through the trees, sending down ripples of light that spotted the well worn path that lay ahead, pointing out the easiest way through the sprawling countryside and light forests. Birds flew across the trail, darting after the same seeds as squirrels and chipmunks. The two women riding along through the woods could hear the rush of a babbling brook. Well, not really the rush. More of the quiet rustle of the water. Though, water doesn’t rustle, one would suppose. But does a brook babble? It certainly doesn’t, it sounds more like water, really. Since it’s a brook. A running brook. Not babbling. But it does sound good in the setting. But, really, squirrels and birds? There aren’t happy moments like that. There’s a war going on. In France. Or…that’s a little later, and there weren’t really any battles in England, but that’s not the point. The point is, things are pretty, the brook is running, and people are riding horsies.'

You actually think all 50,000 words I wrote in November were serious? *GIGGLES*

Lisha got to write her sex scene with As Long As Your Mine, so dangit...I got to do narrative rants. Yes. And, I got to use as many song lyrics as I damn well felt like using. I've done that both years, even in the 8k words I wrote in 2003, I used lyrics from Oliver & Company, The Murmurs, and a few others. This time around I got to use the likes of Les Mis and Chorus Line. And at one point in the parts I've reread, there's this...

“Right. Of course. Wonderful…they’ll call it wonderful…” Eliza made a face, “When I die of pure, unadulterated loathing.”

*Pets Eliza* I still kind of hate her. She was a Dawn, pure and simple. Then she decided she could tell the future in her dreams. Not that she shared this with me AT ALL until it was too late to fix. *Mutter*

I felt like randomly rereading my Nano. I haven't finished Lisha's, yet I very muchly want to. But in reading mine I figured out that November wasn't a waste. I'm all proud of my 50,000 words in themself, but I've actually gotten some amusement in it, and I like some sections so far. (I haven't really read my lovely NaNo novel since very early December.) Plus I realize how much I absolutely ADORED Hugh. He made me giggle and he was such a grand father....

Then demons sucked out his soul. I mean, what can you do...it still makes me sad. But I needed a reason for Tessa to want to turn, and that's what I chose. I wanted her to turn Eliza and kill Emma, so I couldn't off either of them. Very sad. I liked Hugh, I shall say again...he had a cane that he carried around because he thought it was just funny to swing it as he walked. *Sqishles Hugh*

I still haven't finished this thing. I want to completely revamp (ha, ha, very funny) it, and shorten the time span and everything. Because too many centuries, really. Plus, I skipped a bunch to get to 1990, which was lots of fun because of the New Yorkness, along with the random happening of Grace/Tessa, Xavier/Tessa. And I didn't get very far with that until I hit 50,201 and I stopped so I could pass out. I had quite a bit of X/T, then I think I got to skip to more or less present time, and that would SO cue the appearance of the characters I chose the story for...Andrew and Spike, damnit. The grand thing about writing a vampire story is that you can create a lot of your own stuff, but as long as you follow a little line of someone else's universe, you can connect it with somethin' else. And it was supposed to end with slayers. And of course Spuffy, and a complete lack of Tessa and a lot of POOF!Dust from the vampies. So much fun. But I didn't get there. I did get a lovely phone call with Darla and mention of Dru. Yay!

*Jumps up and down* Bah, this ranting is fun! But I must get back to reading...*Toddles off to hurry through a bunch of Eliza crap...the Tessa/Isabella stuff is sooo much more fun.*


P.S. "Joan," She snapped as the vampire began dissolving into dust, "The vampire slayer." Yeah, yeah...the first slayer in the story is actually named Joan. I desperately want her to say "Nobody messes with Joan the vampire slayer!" but I don't want to be obvious. *Eye roll*

Return of the P.S. "Oh, now, must you always act like a victimized ass?"
Zach spun around and growled in full game face. Grace blinked and stared at him, unsure if she has really seen him do such a thing.
"Zach?" She imitated him, twirling around so her richly colored hair spun outwards. "The 'grr, argh' thing you have going on…not very threatening when I can do the exact same thing."
None of my make characters have the fun lines. No, they all come from Isabella, Joan or Grace...sometimes Tessa (She sang 'Ice, Ice Baby' in a car while driving from Indiana to New York City...what can I say, it amused me.) or Eliza. But it's mostly my vampy ladies. Maybe the weirdness is the reason Tessa always wants to sleep with Isabella or Grace. Isabella had Nicholas, but he didn't care, hell he was allll about the threesomes (sadly, I think only Marquis managed that one) and Grace just liked to have many people, though Zach didn't like that. But that actually didn't matter at the 1990 point, where Tessa realizes Grace is nummy.

Okay, okay, I'll stop leaving annoyingly long posts without LJ cuts. I think this is my 5th post today. Gah, I'm so bored...
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Lisha is mean.


She won't go near The Story until I let her read my CRAPPY DISJOINTED NANO. *Bitter*

*Huffs and stalks off.* I'm not budging. She's so just going to have to hack my computer.



Liiisha...so willing to hand over 10,881 words in lots of snippets. Like, complete section type things, chapters within chapters. Yes, yes I can do that. Because I can't even read the rest. *Puppy eyes*



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