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Owww. I'm gonna hurt tomorrow. Really bad day of jumping...first Bummer would just duck to the left, then right, then left...and he killed a bucket and a PVC pipe. Three times. Finally got him over it, but took a looong while.

Mmm, and I was COLD. But now I'm here where the fire is and it's all warm, and I have Whose Line, and they're playing Greatest Hits of the International Spy. *Giggle*

Catty lunged her new horsie a bit today, and since he did so well, she put a western saddle on him and asked Morca to keep hold of the lunge line in the center and then she climbed up. A day early, but she just walked, trotted, and loped about once around, then turned around and did it again. Her horsie was a perfect gentleman, aside from snorting and kicking just a tad when she first got up. Then he settled and went well enough, and they got him trotting faster to see his English gates. SO PRETTY. Damn, Cat can really pick out horses.

Colin: "Hey, Ryan, when you hear 'license to kill', what do you think of?"

Ryan: "My ex-wife!"

Ahh I might post later, if I write somethin, but for now, toodles...



Dec. 22nd, 2003 09:46 am
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*Yawns again*

I have horseback riding today, around 2 if it doesn't rain and/or snow. But instead of me and Kelsey putting English saddles onto our horses and learn from Mona, there are gonna be as many students as we can have without sharing horses, and we're all prolly gonna put on Western saddles and play games for two hours. Then we’re gonna have a little Christmas party until about 6, but it’s mostly about the games, lol.

Rants )

Ahh, most of this is a pointless rant to myself, which is why there’s the cut. Go there if you wanna read the whole thing.



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