Mar. 23rd, 2005


Mar. 23rd, 2005 04:47 pm
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I can't believe how happy I am that spring break is here...finally...ugh.

I guess I'm completely drained...the past week and a half, going to school is just rawr. It was so hard to keep myself going through the whole day. I kept wanting to just forget about it and shut down and not have to deal with the lessons or the people or the teachers. This morning it was all I could not to throw objects across the room and beat the crap out of a door...I didn't want to do anything...the fact that it took me an hour to put my hair in a damn ponytail didn't help. I got my dad to drive me to school and I got to curl up on the couch for ten minutes and watch Imus in the Morning, which just makes me laugh. Still didn't want to go, but I wasn't on the verge of tears for a bit. Then I wandered around the house, and finally asked dad to put Skimbleshanks on the sound system before we left. God, I don't know what I would do without my musicals...I couldn't help but just grin and sing along. And then I could manage my way out the door.

Honestly, Broadway has done so much for's such an easy escape. If I'm feeling like shit, or I just need to get away from whatever is going on, I go for my musicals. As long as it's not Wonderful Town (yeah...basically Maddy is to Wonderful Town as Nicole is to Wicked), I'll be very up to blasting any musical that comes my way. I listened to Wicked on the bus, and I got home and wanted to just have half an hour to go at the punching bag. But it wasn't hanging, so I grabbed some soda and comfy clothes, put Cats on the TV, and stretched for 20 minutes. I feel SO MUCH better than I did when I got home. I don't feel like smashing things or clawing at my arms anymore...and hell, I just can't help but smile at Mungojerrie & Rumpleteazer and Rum Tum Tugger and tap dancing beetles and Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats...and Misto and Victoria doing their fun spotlight thing. I tried to do shoulder stands like Victoria hurt...but but I can almost do something resembling one. Yay. *huggles Cats*

And now I have like every David Anders picture....EVER. So, that's just happy. And I might not have to go hang fence wire tomorrow. Oh god, I don't want to do that...tomorrow I want to SLEEP. All day. And watch, like, Buffy and Firefly and Cats. *Nod*

And now I have the absolute CUTEST MOMENT EVER in Cats...Rumbleteazer as the Peke...oh god, I can't help but giggle madly.

BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK! *I'm a Pollicle! Unless I get Rum Tum and Misto and Skimble by being one of the Scottish puppies...*

Huffery snuffery heathen chinese. Yay.

And Rum Tum playing the bagpipes...I swear. I'm going to melt. It's like...AHH, HOT. God, who needs Growltiger and Billy Macaw when you can have The Awful Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles? Hmmmm?

I'm off to make rpg pictures. Yayfun.

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Heh! I just remembered the WEIRD stuff we do on dress out days during gym...I swear I laughed so hard I was about to implode...

Hanananah and I have gotten into the swing of prank calling people during lunch. We've left random messages on her sister's phone, as well as her dad's. Just random stuff to pass the time. We've tried to do Cassie and Hannah L., but it never works out.

Today? Oh god, we took it up a notch. We dialed random numbers. The first two didn't work, but when we dialed a '449' number, it started ringing, and we gave it to Sarah, who said 'Is Tom there?' then hung up. Yeah. Then Hanaaaahhhh called him in the locker room and said "Hiiii *snort* is TOOMMMMMM there?' and the guy replied with 'Is WHO there?' and she freaked and hung up. Bunch of chickens, we are. But, well...

We sat out during gym...Hanananah, Hanaaahh, Pondooper (Jaime Ponder-Cooper) and me...and Jaime was ALL about calling this guy, whom we had pet-named 'Tom' at that point. So, of course, she did. And when he picked up, this conversation basically took place (not EXACTLY what he said, because we can only get what she told us)

Guy/Tom: Hello?
Jaime: Hi! Who is this?
Guy/Tom: Um....Matt.
Jaime: Oh. This is Ma.....Jaime.
Matt: Hey.
Jaime: Hey! *Beat* How old are you?
Matt: 23
Jaime: I have a friend that's 23!
Matt: Cool.
Jaime: *Pause while we feed her stuff to say* My boyfriend just broke up with me, and I'm all bummed out...
Matt: Ohhh...that's not cool...I'm...sorry?
Jaime: Thaanks! Well, it's been fun talking to you!
Matt: You me again sometime.
Jaime: Okay! *Hangs up*

At that point we were all crying just because...I don't know. She hit it off with some guy she prank called. THEN she decided to call back with something she thought of...

Matt: Hey?
Jaime: Hi, Matt, it's Jaime!
Matt: Oh, hi.
Jaime: I need to ask you a question
Matt: Okay
Jaime: My ex just called me, and he asked me out again...should I do it?
Matt: Noooooo! Not if he just broke up with you!
Jaime: Okay...thanks for the advice!
Matt: Anytime. Bye!
Jaime: Bye!

Some people don't like Pondooper....I'm quite fond of her at this point. ^_^ So, yeah, Matt is on Hanananah's cell phone and Jaime's speed dial. She plans to call him on Tuesday when we get back to school. This is like, worse than meeting people on the internet...but it's FUNNY. And he sounds hot. And all of us want to talk to him. Sooo, yay!

Lunch at school: $1.75
A five minute cell phone call: $2
Befriending the guy you prank called: Priceless.



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