Mar. 21st, 2005

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*Dances to Wicked*

Sooo an addict.

SO. What's everyone doing for spring break? Me...on Thursday, at least, I'll be helping with fences. Yeah. Holding and pulling wire. Ugh. Dad said I'd do it, I don't really want to...but I think if I help, basically get a free lesson. Maybe. I dunno. But I still get to ride, because I'll be helping my instructor. Who is just cool anyways, so at least it won't be too bad.

I didn't post about my horsies, did I. Sad. I rode Kobie again...yay, Kobie. I got to do LEG YIELDS! Which is basically sidestepping while moving forward, it's a lateral movement...he doesn't like it, so he rarely does it. But I can make him do it at the walk, yay for me. Then I did transitions...Carrie made like a tunnel type thing out of two poles, and I did figure eights, using the pathway between the poles as my middle. I did walking, I stop in the center, then walk right off. Then I moved into trotting, walking, and trotting right off. Both were pretty easy, even if my step offs at the trot were 'eh' sometimes. Buut then she says "Okay, this time through, cue him to canter." ARGH, says Maddy. I love cantering, but I'm slightly nervous. Not sure why, I just am...and his left lead is very hard. But I got him off, and as the left lead came up, I just thought about it...pulled down to a trot, kissed and used my leg and off he goes. YAY. And, and, I did, like....five figure eights, switching on each side. Oh, oh...I was happy. Yes. Then I had to trot in a circle and drop one stirrup and post. -_- I wiggled all over the place.

So, small accomplishments make me giddy. And I've learned how to really do my two point! I usually lean way over his neck when I do, but after riding Red and having to stand, and it slowed him down...I just kind of stood and was happy. Carrie was all happy as well. She's very excitable, I love her to pieces. She does the little voices I do...she makes fun of her horses in little baby voices. I used to talk to Bummer like that, tee hee. And she doesn't hate her horses, like Mona seemed to. Sooo...YAY HAPPY MADDY!

Now I'm getting tired of I'll rant more later.



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