Mar. 19th, 2005

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This year's Save One Show campaign--in which readers vote for the one endangered series they want to save--is all about the shows that have been on the air this season.

But the fact that no Whedon-helmed series is currently on the air didn't stop nearly 20,000 fans from sending write-in votes: "Bring back the Whedonverse!" Meaning, they want a spinoff or a telepic with the characters from Joss Whedon's television series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Now.


God, that girl looooves her itallics, now doesn't she? ^_^

SO. PEOPLE. VOTE. NOW. These are quite fun...especially the endangered series one she mentioned. That was just nifty.

*hops around*

Oh dear god...I woke up at 4 AM today...I kid you not, Lisha. I woke up and rolled over and looked at the clock then I hear a BRITISH person. *Glares at Daken* I growled at them to be quiet, and Ice just talked louder. Eventually, though, they kind of fell asleep or something.

Not that it wasn't eventually amusing. I had a freaky, freaky dream. For a long time it was Jessi and I coming back from Kansas city...then there was this party thing, and it was like a BAD Alias/Scrubs/Wayne Brady crossover. Wayne had to kiss a guy for an audition and didn't want to (which is a FRIENDS storyline, so it of course made itself known) and Carla was mad at Turk for some reason and then she sulked off to try on clothes...and there was this weird moment in which everyone fell in love with someone else...and the WEIRDEST was Sark and Syd were under this, like, drumset...and there was a plant there. It served some purpose, I'm not not entirely sure what. And the dream!camera that seems to control the images I see panned down to them, then it stopped and one chunk of the picture went ICONIZED, text and all. Then suddenly EVERYTHING was iconized, which was just...scary. And somehow I went from this, to next day at school, I was in band, and Derek and Layton were there. I don't know. I was just confused...

Yeah. And now it's 7:38 and I'm still sleepy. I want it to rain, because I don't feel like going to horseback riding today...blah...


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You know, there was this banned books list meme that I wanted to do. It had 110 books that are challenged and the like, and you bolded any that you'd read. But I'd be sad to do it...I've only read ONE. (Bridge to Terabithia, which is SO not a book that should be 'banned' was reccomended to me by a FOURTH GRADE teacher, then a fifth grade one read it to her class. They say it's somehting about devil worship? Occult, something close to that. Where in the world did they get that from Terabithia. It's a FANTASY. Apparently, children using their imagination is wrong. Terribly, terribly sorry. Yeah, I'm bitter about this book. I loved it to pieces, and well I still do. I had to stop reading it at one point because I was about to cry on the bus. Yeah. I want to read it again...)

That was a very unexpected rant. Hmm.

Oh, and since we're reading To Kill A Mockingbird in class, I might've been able to count that, but eh. Two is a SAD number. I want to read them all now. Well, maybe not all of them. But Slaughterhouse 5? Oh, yes. And Arabian Nights, and Dracula, and Les Mis. Les Mis will be tricky. Maybe if I do the thing that Lisha did, and read a little version of the whole book first, then go to read the big one...oh, well. I'll find a way. It's just that 1200+ pages is a little threatening.

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Seth: So this woman called me, 'cause I was on Law and Order, I don't really talk about it..."
Christine: Lawr and Orrrder?"
Seth: Yes..."
Christine: The famous one where you played the -"
Seth: Yeah, the older gay man, I was on Law and Order: I don't really tell anybody, but I mentioned it once during a break, and this woman calls me and says *Southern accent, kind of cracking cause it goes so high* 'So I see how ya looked, and ya didn't look like I expected. You looked a lot more...uh...masculine than I thought...' She was so passive agressive, then she had the nerve to call back.."
Christine: That's not passive-agressive, that's totally truthful! There's nothing passive about that!"
Seth: Well, well, FINE. Christine, just listen to this..."

*Lady*: Okay, this is Ruth Shroder, and I'm back again 'cause I got cut off. I just gotta say that I was so surprised to see how you looked...I-I you looked like Hugh Jackman, you were gorgeous, you were masculine! And and I didn't know if that was the right thing to say, because, oh, I have a lot of friends that are gay, I always have...but they're all like La Cage aux Follees! So, I didn't know...but, anyway, educate me! You were good. Don't be mad at me, it was a compliment.

Christine: That was sweet!
Seth: That was cute...but the Hugh Jackman and the gorgeous thing is fine, but she won't stop commenting on the masculine! But, I mean, would you see me now? What am I wearing? I'm wearing very low heels, and my stockings are sheer...I mean, I hardly look, um...
Christine: Yeah, the push-up bra really...
Seth: It emphasizes my pecs!


Christine: *After the Man of La Mancha* Gimme that mambo king...
Seth: What is it that you don't like...I love it....Billy D. Williams is going to be the star of Mambo Kings (?)...
Christine: Isn't Billy D. Williams too old...I've seen him...
Seth: Isn't he also black?
Christine: Well, I knew about the black thing, which confuses me a little bit. But he's been around forever, he has to be in his 60's, and isn't it about a young, hot, latin...mambo...king?
Seth: He looks gorgeous in this picture, I have to, I don't know, maybe he got crazy...
Christine: *A latin accent...slow and daydreamy* Why don't they just get...Antionia unbutton his shirt, all the way down to his navel...and make his hair just fly in the breeze...and pound his foot on the floor and shake his maracas for me...
Seth: Christine, your microphone is on.

*Hugs Seth and Christine* Broadway's Best 77 is the BEST Sirius channel EVER. Just because of Seth and Chwistie.



Mar. 19th, 2005 05:39 pm
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My muse is such a dork.


She's very, VERY excited. She just completed the entire first level of the first Spyro...all of the little worlds in the Artisan world. She did this in 33 minutes. Yesh. I'm not sure what my record is, I tend to get bored with that world and do it in little bits and pieces. But Trish wants to see how long it takes to finish the whole game. SO.

Total Time: 33 minutes
This Session: 33 minutes
Dragons Rescued: 16 (Total)/16 (This Session)
Gems: ?? (Total)/?? (This Session)
Levels Finished: Artisan World
- Stony Ridge
- Dark Hollow
- Town Square
- Toasty
- Sunny Flight
Levels Finished This Session: Artisan World
- Stony Ridge
- Dark Hollow
- Town Square
- Toasty
- Sunny Flight
Eggs: 2 (Total)/2 (This Session)

I thought you would have done it in shorter.

(I kept falling in the flight levels)

You said you were GOOD at those.

(Did not.)






(*Glares right back*)

I hate her.

(No, you don't.)

Of course I do.

(Then why ain't I dead yet? I've made it to....29.)


(Whatever. Still alive.)

Stupid MC. Go whine in your own journal.




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