Mar. 12th, 2005

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I <3 MythBusters.


I have horseback lessons in a few minutes...probably won't be back until eh 2...2:15...then I have to take a shower at get redressed (I'm calling it my Obsession Levi's Jeans and belt, my PRETTIFUL NEW 'Rambaldi' CIA League t-shirt, my Canal Street Auto Parts/Levi's hoodie, Wicked pin, and sneakers. NYC, Levi's, Alias/TV, Wicked, and COMFINESS. Squee yay!) and then go into town. Mom and I are going to get a whole mess load of stuff that I need. New shoes, bummin' pants (read: Track pants. Do I want red and white ones? Yes. Yes I do.) and some more random stuff. Then Barnes & Noble for books and possibly Cats and La Boheme on DVD. YAY! Then maybe a movie, but I don't really want to see one.

So, yes. I won't be online much until around after 6. *nod*

*Huggles her VM Download, with it's whole 18 hours left thing* *huggles Lisha* I wish I had a download babysitter, though.



Mar. 12th, 2005 02:15 pm
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*Pokes legs. They wobble.*


I rode RED today. Red is a Selle Francais (sp?), and he's much much different than Kobie. While Kobie is a very lazy Thoroughbred, Red is a very 'go go go!' warmblood. Where Kobie is very round and big, Red is narrow and smaller. Where Kobie moves out like no other, Red will be nice and do a nice little trot and slower canter.

Both nice horsies. I still heart Kobie, but I now love Red. Yesh. I'm still really nervous and I freak out at the canter...but once I realized that if I stood up in a high two-point, Red would be like 'oh!' and sloooowww doooowwwwnnn. Fun. It felt much more like what I thought a Thoroughbred would feel like. Is that weird?

I'm in a happy horsie state of mind, but I didn't get to take a REALLYY hot long bath, so I'll be sore tomorrow...but oh well...I get Barnes & Noble squee yay.

100 mb down. *Dance*



Mar. 12th, 2005 06:31 pm
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I had a Wicked moment today in Barnes & Noble!

I was back in the DVD/Music section, looking around the broadway recordings...and just a few feet away is one of those little stations where you can listen to music. Two highschool girls were there, and one had the headphones half on, and she was singing along with Popular. *Giggle* I looked up all happy and I was smiling as I looked over at them, and the girl's friend freaked and turned to her friend and said 'SHHHHHHHHHSHHHH!' But I just waved it off and said "It's okay...I like Wicked." and I hummed along with the rest of the song. Yesh. It was a happy moment.

I didn't get any of my movies today at B&N. *Mutter* They didn't even HAVE Cats, which annoyed me...they had two versions of La Boheme, one of which was the one I was actually looking for...but Mom went and set a limit for how much I could get, and rawr. They ALSO had two Julie Andrews movies I hadn't known she was in...I reeaallly wanted them as well. Victor/Victoria, which just made me laugh at the concept, and OMGOMGOMGOMG SHE WAS IN ROGER'S AND HAMMERSTEIN'S CINDERELLA. I must have totally forgotten. I looked at the cover, smiled at the title, then looked down and I squeed loud enough for my dad to wander over. Ah. Julie Andrews and of my most favorite actresses EVER at this point and one of my first musial obsessions (Peter Pan, the recorded version with Mary Martin, might've been first...but of course I've confused Mary and Julie before, so, bah.) I NEED that version of R&H's Cinderella. I just have the most recent one, which is nice, because Bernadette in that purple dress? That's love, right there. Or, well, just Bernadette. I love her. But I need my Julie Andrews.

And I looked for Star, they didn't have it either...but yeah, I didn't get any of the DVDs I wanted. They ALSO had Red Dwarf seasons 1-3 and 5 there...ah! Ah! I've only watched one episode and I wanted them all. They had AbFab, too...and Angel and THE L WORD, which I've seen, but I want! What else...other stuff. I always want to pack up all the series DVDs and just run. 'Cause it's so tempting. But B&N dvds? EXPENSIVE.

Soo, I walked out with a book from the Drama section (I wish I had gotten to Rent Bible, because I'll need it later for the ultimate RENThead contest, plus it was just AWESOME...but no...I got Idiot's Guide to Acting, because the Idiot Guide series makes me happy. I almost bought this monologue book with one of the funniest 1 minute monologues ever...but of course, no...), the 3rd Dresden File's book, and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. In it's original form, complete with pictures thank you very much. I almost got The Road To Oz and Ozma of Oz, but well I already had two books...

Then Target...boring...exhausting...though I got to say "There's something profoundly disturbing about Snoopy on a thong."

And Mom and I listened to Avenue Q on the way home. *Giggles happily* read.



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