Mar. 6th, 2005

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*is disgusted*

Why does Smarty Jones have his own Breyer? Blech.

That's just...wrong. *Has SERIOUS Smarty Jones issues* Though this Oldenburg stallion is pretty. Yes...I love my State Line Tack magazine...*hops to happy English clothing joy*

I'm addicted to the song 'All Grown Up.' It's far too much fun. And now I'm listening to 'One''s the song from the clippy...I think. Yes, 'cause there's Peter. Poor Peter. Though Nadia's Springtime song is missing...but it's all of them. Peter, Jason, Ivy and Nadia. And it's a gorgeous song. Jason and Ivy's section is almost...emotionless? Jason's half is, it seems. It's all cold and distant and on the surface, and a lot of it is monotone.


*Ponders writing something.* Meh. I'm suddenly all worriedish kinda about Ice/Daken. We never found out why he was upset, and Icy didn't know. Which is SAD.

*Dances off to 'One'*

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One again, I'm getting closer
No regrets, I see the light
This is now, and this is perfect
God, I know that this is right

One confession: God, I love you
Jason, take me all the way
Screw today, and screw tomorrow
Don't go, won't you stay

One )

Why, yes, I am addicted to Bare lyrics. However did you guess?

Stupid Jason. What makes me laugh, though, is every time I hear the line 'One again, I'm getting closer', I try to remember at what point it happens in the clip. Becuase...well....he's all in his boxers, and Ivy isn't very much better off, and they're...yeeeaaaahh. On stage.

Did I mention it's set in a Catholic school?

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If you were a secret agent... by RadicalDestiny
Your ubercool spy name:
You work for the Secret Organization of:I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you
Your outfit:Fanged bunny slippers
Your mission, should you choose to accept it:To infiltrate an underground disco club
The dangerous love interest:dresses like Captain Hook
The bad guy:only eats HATE cashews
The tragic love interest dies when he/she:trips on his/her incredibly long beard and dies
Plan A for defeating the bad guy:Offer to paint his toenails
Plan B:Give him a lecture on tax rebates
Method by which you are tortured when caught:Forced to watch 97 episodes of "Lambchops"
Helps you escape:Your magical kazoo
In the end, you:Shamelessly dance the Macarena
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I. Love. It.

I'm watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone...they were all so...LITTLE! Everyone was TINY! MIDGETS! *Huggles them all little and innocent*

And Hermione was a complete BITCH in the beginning...I love Emma, she did an awesome job when she was that little. And Draco...TOM I LOVE YOU SO. Despite how much nummier he is being all tall and grown up, when he was little, he was just FUNNY. So easily pissy.

Eve and I had a very looong discussion about Draco, Neville, Sirius, and oh so much more last night. It was fun. Everything was in paragraphs. ^_^

It got me thinking about Neville...about how, yes, he HAS to have a part in the end. He's just too much of an interesting character not to have something. And he has to be an awesome wizard, look at his parents...and I just remembered that it took AGES for him to be sorted. Perhaps that says something? When you look at him, well at least when I do, I would think Hufflepuff...but the fact that the sorting hat put him in Gryffindor (sp?) has to say something. *Hugs Neville*

And when McGonnagal said 'Ravenclaw', I got far too excited. RAVENCLAWS KICK BUTT! *Has far too many memories of those old RPGs...especially MuggleHogwards...where she was sorted into Ravenclaw and it kicked ass.* I heart Ravenclaw. *Nod*




Mar. 6th, 2005 09:26 pm
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I'm prolly not gonna get my recap tonight. Too much icky stuff to do. But yes, tomorrow prolly. *nod*



Mar. 6th, 2005 10:37 pm
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I shall be doing my recap for well Daphyn tomorrow. ^_^ I'm far too lazy and tired right now. But it was weeeird.

Maybe a tiny one?

Bette's going off the deepend...LITERALLY at points...she's drinking and smoking and losing her mind. It's a scary downward spiral that's just going out of control.

Alice and Dana are finding it hard to keep to 'the rules' of not being near each other, alone, in a room with a bed, chair, couch, or floors...

Tonya is an evil brainwashing witch, as said in an earlier post. She wants a 15% managers fee from Dana for the wedding! CRAZY! Then when Dana tries to object, she wraps it all around by saying 'Am I not doing enough?' Ugh. I would say 'I hate Tonya', but I think I passed my yearly quota right after the first episode...

Shane...and her girlie...ISSUES. Just. ISSUES. As to be expected from Shane. Making out with the lead singer of 'Betty', though, that was fun. Cameron decided to make out with Jenny to get back at her though...

Tina revealed she's pregnant to Alice. I'll transcript that convo, it was amusing. And Alice's 'holy shit' was almost adorable. Tina as a charrie this ep...I'm still sad...but she's doing way better than Bette is.

Ummmmmm...oh, Jenny faced off the Writing Bitch From Hell with another story, and got into the writing class. Squee.

No Ivan in this eppy. :/ I hope he shows up later. I love Ivan. But The Planet is back! Only gone for an ep, but I was sad. And it's HOT now. Yaay. No Pink, but they DID get Betty to play opening night, and Kit sang!

Yes. *nod* And oh, the promo makes the next ep look CRAZY. Tina's lawyer makes out with her, Shane is annoyed at Jenny and is aiming to move out, general Bette's scary. I'm gonna be screaming at the TV a LOT next Sunday...

Once this song ends, I'm prolly going to bed. I don't have my latest songs of 'Bare' on a CD yet, so I'm going to be sad without 'All Grown Up' and 'One' to listen to constantly.

I should have done my science homework. I'll do it 2nd hour, it's not due until 3rd...ick...

Toodles all!


P.S. Oh yes, I got bored and made This 'Bare' Icon'...yeah. Not anything spectacular, but eh. I like it well enough. I had to cut up 'One' says 'One Moment, one lover, one vision, one answered prayer.' I had to cut out 'One chance connection, one vision, one stolen stare, one cover, one dance' between well moment and lover...yeah. But eh. *Pats it*


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