Mar. 5th, 2005

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I had a VERY odd dream last night. I'm talking....slight crossover of The L Word/Buffy/Muses/Random Horsey Stuff.


It was imaged kind of like a movie...which was weird.... )

I was mildly terrified.

And I missed Eve last night on AIM and MSN...which saddens me...she's fun to talk to. I've missed her twice in a row because I'm lazing on the couch (The L Word on Thursday and just passing out to Whose Line yesterday.) Hopefully I'll be on the compy next time she IMs...

But now I have bad Buffy fanfic (if anyone wants to read the absolute worst Buffy fic EVER, just ask and I will send you to 'Shimmering Willow'), Fandom Wank, and Matt Caplan music. Yay.

Riding lessons at 2. *hop*


*hour later* wow, forgot to post.
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Life is short and life is strange
Trouble now and troubled past
Times have changed they rearrange
And little girls grow up so fast
Feel it how it grows inside me
Swirling ball of anguished cries
Haunted daunted so unwanted
Feel its anger in me rise

Dream a dream then end another
Life is there to interrupt
Someone out there call my mother
Look at me mom all grown up

Good Catholic girl, her soul is saved
But now of course it comes to this
If only Ivy had behaved
Or ever stopped at just a kiss
It hits me paralyzing shudder
Face the music take a bow...

'All Grown Up', from Bare: A Pop Opera. Not all of it...but part of it...*Shrug*
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So my best friend is Avril, my lover is Eliza Dushku, and Jen is stalking me.... )

*Is amused*



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