Mar. 2nd, 2005

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Hmm, slightly hyper!

My VM eppy is at like 140 mb, and at the moment it's around 15-18 hours left. Which would be a LOT lower if YouSendIt didn't randomly stop responding and having to be restarted, in a way. But, ah, oh well. I can deal.

Matt Caplan's Angel Eyes )

Yesh. That's my favorite Matt Caplan song, I think. When he sings 'Walk on the Ocean' I'm all happified, but that's not really his, so yes. I think I want to try a picture with Angel Eyes, maybe Walk on the Ocean. Oh so much fun.

Hiccups. Blah.

*hops* We're doing weird stuff in Social Studies...skits about life after the Pax Romana. Kind of amusing, JUSTIN (I heart Justin in a 'He amuses me with his incredible WEIRDNESS' kind of way) is the director. He has to take all the stuff we, the group, give him and both WRITE the skits and figure it all out. We're gonna help him of course. I would love to be the's an itty bitty little skit thing, but I love taking things and setting them right and watching everything unfold. I'd have way more fun directing a movie or a show or a play...the shots and the lights and the colors and the actors and the story and and and LEIK OMGZ!!!1!11 Yeah. That was me going off in a 'Hey maybe I want to do that with my life' daydream. Sigh. Wouldn't that be great. Anything to do with tv, film, stage or publication. I heart writing, I heart acting, and apparently I also heart directing. Woot.

6TH. HOUR. PRE-AL. IS THE BEST. CLASS. EVER. We were doing timelines, and Reinkie needed an example, so she just said...

Reinkie: So, for! Let's say I lived in Vegas from 1997 to 1999.
Me/Justin/Michael: *Snicker*
Me: Were you a showgirl?
Reinkie: Then I moved to Missouri *pronounces it Misery* in 2000. I apparently lived nowhere from 1999 to 2000.
Michael: You walked to Missouri from Vegas!
Justin: And you lived in your car!
Reinkie: Yeah! Then I, somehow, MAGICALLY graduated in 2002.
Me: So you were a showgirl in Vegas, hitchiked to Missouri for a year...
Justin: Then the college let you through quickly because they didn't like you in the dorms.

That was her life story. REINKIE WAS A SHOWGIRL. She was highly amused by it all, because she just wrote up main points and we had far too much fun. THEN there was a message on her phone, and she was checking it, and yeah..."It's your agent from Vegas. He needs you back. Whoopi went to help those nuns so there's an open spot for a returning headliner...."

Mrs. Levin was amused as well, and her response was "She's hot!", which spurred on a FUN convo about how awesome (and well hot) Reinkie is. Does this frighten me? Slightly.

My internet is logged off. *Waits for it to reconnect*

My VM eppy is at almost 150 mb now (Half an hour to type this post.) Squee, only 200,000 mb more to go. *Eye roll*



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