Feb. 28th, 2005


Feb. 28th, 2005 09:03 am
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My semi-daily morning post from first hour keyboarding!

*Lip syncs to Bare*

Yes, I heart my CD player for letting me listen to it! Yay! I can imagine me trying to explain it to others if I had it in the compy...

Me: It's Bare...it's a pop opera.
Everyone else: *Scared looks* What?
Me: A pop opera...like...in an opera they sing everything and don't actually speak much...
Everyone Else: So it's a bunch of fat ladies?
Me: No...it's a POP opera. It's in like...a rock style. Type. Thing. Kind of like if N*Sync...no...um, some kind of soft rock type band thing got on stage and sang.
Everyone else: *Blink*
One Very Brave Person: Sang about being in a band?
Me: Um...no. Got on stage and being in a Catholic high school...and...being gay.
Everyone Else: ...............................................








+*Raises an eyebrow.*+

*Snickers 'cause he looks like he fell asleep in the library or something, and I woke him up, 'cause his his hair is all messy* Not you sweetie. It's the musical.

+*Looks unamused*+

What, you thought I was Psyche?

+No...not loud enough.+

Then why did you bother showing up?

+*Stares then walks off*+

Tee hee.



Feb. 28th, 2005 09:23 pm
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Shawwwn felt the need to jump up into my lap and fall asleep there.

Now I can't feel my legs. He's fatter than I thought. *Pokes Shawn*



Feb. 28th, 2005 10:46 pm
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Meh. Hate shaving.

I have a big long cut like just before the point where my knee bends, but oh of course it's on the back. And it hurts. And it happened RIGHT in the middle of a shower, and it got to the point where when I looked down I thought I would pass out (I'm not that great about seeing blood) so I had to get out and patch it up with gauze and four bandaids. Which therefore RUINED the enjoyment of a shower. And I think a shower is what sets up my whole day ahead, I love showers...but no...no more...should be a crappy day tomorrow.

Enough of that...*lets the annoying cat in* He stops being so adorable when he makes you get up twice in a very short time span to let him inside and outside.

*Eyes Trisha uneasily* She left a very short post in the muse lj while I was gone...and it frightens and saddens me all at once. She feels like she doesn't belong anymore. *Clings to Trishy*

Hmm...what else do I have...I flood EVERYONE'S friends pages, I know...and for this I'm REALLY sorry, but I'm just addicted to LJ. If you get sick of me, I won't be offended by filters and the like. I personally can't figure out how to make individual friends lists, though, so....

*Looks around at the muses* It's a weird night. Morca is ACTUALLY asleep against Dhani, which is really funny, she and Dria have been known to pass out on each other a lot lately. I think Morca is upset about something, which saddens me as well. Ice is at Wolf's, because she got a momentary case of the 'holy crap what am I doing' thought that seems to screw up most muse relationships, but of course it was her own Icy version. But Silver bitched at her about it, and now she should be on her way back to the house and to Daaaaken. And Emi playing some random game of tag/hide and go seek in the library with a Lira that refuses to sleep...it's really cute. MY EMI WANTS KIDDLINS. Which is scary, but also kinda cute and well she'd be a nice mommy dearest. Then again, she's you know NOT EVEN 19...but still, fun.

Must toddle away now...



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