Feb. 26th, 2005

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Feb. 26th, 2005 12:34 pm
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*Is in a dreamy state*

Went and watched the Andalusians...and oh god...I'm in absolute bliss.

The General

See him? See how big and gorgeous and powerful and overwhelming he looks? He's a big, I would guess 16 hand 14 year old stallion. He could EASILY barrel through a crowd like an insaneo monster.

Yet I was allowed to walk right into his stall and pet him.

He has a MASSIVE neck and head, and he was so amazingly sweet I almost couldn't stand it. His handler lets her 3-year-old son ride him. A STALLION. He was amazing

Sales Page - Shaman and Urano

Shaman TCV was huge and amazing and PROUD as any stallion could ever be. Prancing and tossing his head. He was GORGEOUS and I was in absolute love with just watching him.

Urano NP, on the other hand, while still amazing with awesome gaits and that sassy head toss he should have, was the kindest 3-year-old STALLION I could ever imagine. I was allowed to walk into his stall, too.

I couldn't believe how lucky I was to get to touch these amazing members of this amazing breed. Their owners and handlers were incredible as well, they talked to us and gave us information. Sometime in the (hopefully) near future I'm going to try to go down to Rolla for a lesson or two with them. I would give anything for the chance to ride General.

And they have an international rider come and give clinics. I would love to audit them, or even borrow General or someone to ride with them. *Squeal* I might get to do those, too.

I'm walking on a cloud. I'm so happy I went today. And tomorrow they're doing dressage with all three stally's I've put here, and I'm going to go watch that too.

Now, I'm off to lessons.



Feb. 26th, 2005 03:33 pm
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*Snuggles with her big squishy blanket in her compy chair*

I'm all exhausted now...but I'm all happy exhausted.

FINALLY got to ride today...it's been...oh god, two months. I've missed Kobie. *Hugs her big bay buddy* We did a lot...general paces, walk, trot, canter...I'm still getting way used to his canter...I can't breathe if I do it too long. But I suck it up and it's still fun. We went over poles today, oooo something new! It was fun, very interesting. I'm slightly shaky at a canter, I'm not used to two point quite so much, but it was fun to pop over the poles. I was happy. Poor Kobie ganked his stifle (a joint in his leg) and was annoyed to the left. But I'm getting better to to left. *dances* It was fun. I'm finding it hard to walk, but I'm happy.

And I don't smell like horsies anymore...*pout* I'm disappointed about this. Not that Aussie hair shampoo and Dial soap smells bad, but I like smelling like my horsies. Leather and dust and hay and horsie. I'm an addict.

Tomorrow I'll be prolly watching the Andalusians (*Snugs the General and Shaman*) doing dressage. Squee! That happifies me oh so much!

Lessee, what else has happened today...

Oh, oh, went to Wal*Mart. I needed new shoes more than anything else (I tend to just buy a pair of tennis shoes or somethin' and wear those for a long time.), but I blew that money on CD player. I know I prolly shouldn't have, 'cause I dunno if we can afford it right now, but yeah. Dad was pretty willing to toss it into the cart thingy. It's NOT red, which annoys me, and I can't fast forward through MP3's, which is well kinda nice sometimes, but I can just relisten to songs. *Drops the CD player on the floor* And it didn't break. So maybe it'll hold up just a bit. But it's nifty, it even has a little equalizer, like it can mess with the bass and go to live mode and all that nifty stuff, and has crazy good battery life. I know Jessi has it, and I think George has it too, which also annoys me...I wanted differentness, but oh well. And it doesn't show me song title. But hell, Willow didn't either, so oh well. ^_^

I have NO idea what to name it. I dunno if it's a girl or a boy, I think it can switch with whatever I name it. I need help, 'cause since it's not red I don't think I want to name it Willow!Sue, or Lesbian!Willow.

The one I kinda wanted more, with lower battery life...but it was RED! Plus it seems it shows the song titles.

That's what I was looking for, but alas it wasn't there...here's a picture of my new one.

My new Panasonic SL-SX430...it's not really backlit like it seems in the piccy. And not quite as blue, more turqoise.

Meh. What should I name it? I'm pondering things like Serenity or Kaylee...hmm. Or I could name it after one of my wolfies, ZoZo or Kia...or Aianna or something from Kelly's gaggle of charries. *Giggle* So many choices. Make suggestions, from fandoms and the like...I need a name!

*Huggles Kelly and her character pairing* Old school, man! Old school! Only problem with old school characters is that they were all straight. *Looks at Kelly's characters now* Aianna was with Recin...who became Trey, Jax and Zace. Zace made Aia gay (In Kelly's words "Aianna's first kiss was Zace then she was like..omg..I'm so gay.") so I think of his as Recin. And Vixen had someone...and she had many other charries that I'm spacing on. Dutches/Duchess was just a smartass warrior. Think Aia, but with more tact. She didn't chase the guys much. But yeah, they were all kinda straight. Which is scary to think about now. *More huggles*

RENT in Spanish is...interesting.


(EDIT: It's neato to open my friends page to see someone using a Lisha icon.)
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"You and I
You take my hand leaving me breathless
Feel the beat of my racing heart so you’ll understand
And know why we whisper in hallways
I’ll be with you always
Running together, forever you and I"

It's been about a week since I posted the whole of that song. Silly Maddy. I'm just addicted to trying to sing it. I usually raise it up an octave, though...

Meh, speaking of...um, music, I'm more than likely wandering back into the realm of band geek. I've decided to join band again...but I also wanna do flags. So I'll prolly be a flag during marching season and play in concert band. Which I like just fine. I dunno why I wanna be in flags, it just looks like fun. Marisa and Meghan are in it, and Marisa calls them the 'Flaggots.' *Headdesk* And she's hit multiple instruments, many times. A base drum. She hit a BASE drum. And flags are in front, while the base drums were in the back...let's not ponder how the heck she figured that out.

My CD player's name is Illyria. For now at least, I'm gonna see if it sticks.

I feel the need to binge on Firefly, since Lisha is on her Veronica Mars binge. *nods*

Or writing, but gah...hmm.

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There's a recording of BARE at the Lincoln Center Library in NYC.



Now, to get to New York City....

And on the community bareopera, someone has well audio shoes...and I want them...but STUPID DIAL UP I bet I can't get 'em. *Sigh* Stupid people for not backing BARE...they didn't even release the OBCR, which was all or at least mostly recorded. GAH. I want Bare. I can only listen to 'You and I' and 'Are You There?' so many times until I want MORE.

I feel the need to work on my musical. *is amused*



Feb. 26th, 2005 09:45 pm
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*Stares at Firefly spoiler threads from fans that saw screenings of the movie.*



I even read one. It was a very non-spoilery thread from a non-fan, it was nice. I took it one line at a time to keep myself clean, but it was just about how well it was put together and what was there yet (like effects and music), and I was happy. I skipped a possible spoiler that was hidden, and it took all my will power. THEN someone posted a nice little thing with ANOTHER hidden spoiler, but they said it was a hint, so I highlighted it one letter at a time...

Just one line, means very little considering we knew that, but still... )

And I was all nice and good. I knew that. SOMEONE clicked a VERY SPOILERY thread (I'm not sure if I'm gloating that I didn't click it that day, or if I'm just amused that they regretted it...god, I'm mean. *Snugs said person whose name was kept confidential for security purposes. :P*) and FREAKED and ran away from the thread halfway through. So I was aware that we'd get the heart wrenching horribleness that Joss adores so much.

Then some IDIOT posted a (MAYBE) spoiler just SITTING THERE. AND I'M MAD. I DID SO WELL FOR SO LONG.

*Hopes it's not true*


*Begins twitching once again*



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