Feb. 22nd, 2005


Feb. 22nd, 2005 04:49 pm
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First off...*Hugs to any and all that need them. Maddy can be bitched at or ranted to or anything...'cause well she's around. Just an open offer.*

Boring day...nothing happened...cept Michael being back in 6th hour Pre-Al. That meant we had an example survey wherein 62 out of 200 people lost their shoes, and Ms. Reinkie said 'Dude' a lot.

"Shane's doing Arianna Huffington."
"You're doing Arianna Huffington?! She's 50, Shane."
"....her hair."

The L Word...again...I called Jesse...and she spazzed. So I get L Word time with my sister tomorrow. *Smile* I heart my sister, I miss seeing her every day. And since she doesn't get Showtime, and she gets off work around 3 on Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays, we're going to have L Word days so she can keep up. It's nice.

Hmmm...not much else to say...

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Maddy got bored tonight.

A pic I randomly threw together...Out Tonight

Yeeaah. I actually kind of like it. There's green showing through along the horse and it's shadow, and the horse overall is too dark but I need to change the shadow...but meh...overall I like it...it's nice. It's a neato pic of of NYC, if anything. And I think that quote is one of my favorite Mimi quotes...but I feel the need for lyrics...

"What's the time? Well, it's gotta be close to midnight.My body's talkin' to me, it says, 'time for danger.' It says, 'I wanna commit a crime. Wanna be the cause of a fight. Wanna put on a tight skirt, and FLIRT, with a stranger...' I've had a knack, from way back, at breakin' the rules once I've learned the game. Get up, lives to quick, I know someplace sick, where this chick'll dance in the flames. We don't need any money - I always get in for free. You can get in, too, if you get in with me...let's go - oooouuuttt tonight! I have to go, out tonight. You wanna play? Let's run away. We won't be back before it's Christmas Day...take me out tonight...meow."

*Pets Mimi*

I almost did that right after Science today. We had way too much free time. But there are none of those nifty handrails for ramps and stairs like there were in the elem, so I had nothing to climb on...so I danced around singing It's Raining Men...close enough. But I tell you - the day I go see the RENT movie... I am using those little rails they have on the stairway down to the seats...and I'm singin'.



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