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Feb. 21st, 2005 09:15 am
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*Pets Idina*

I keep watching her Tony Award (Best Leading Actress in a Featured Musical - Up against others from Avenue Q, Wonderful Town, Caroline or Change, and Wicked...Cheno was up for the Tony, too ^_^) and I can't stop giggling and crying. IT'S SO CUTE. She wins and she immediately gets up and hugs/kisses Cheno, who is absolutely estatic, then she turns and kisses Taye, and she gets up to walk and Cheno reaches out and holds her hand. IT'S THE CUTEST. I love those two oh so much. And how just happy Cheno is...she got her Tony...Idina was nominated for RENT but dangit she deserved this one even more.

Then she's up on stage, cut to Taye trying not to cry. *Squishles Taye* And even more Cheno squealing/spazzing.

"Thank you. *Giggles and wipes away a tear. People in audience yell things like 'WE LOVE YOU IDINA!'* I love you too! Thank you! I-I am so proud to be in a musical that celebrates women, that celebrates their strengths and their differences, and to be in the company of these women this evening is just a dream for me, thank you so much. And Kristin Chenoweth, you are the grace and the light on that stage every night, *Cheno blows her a kiss* I-this is something we built together and I love you! And Joe Mantello has had the faith in me for three and a half years, and he kicked my butt into this role. And Stephen Schwarts, for writing the most beautiful music someone could sing eight times a week. And Winnie Holtzman for giving the green girl a heart! And *giggle* and-and-and-and the producers! Mark Platt and David Stone and everyone, and Tonya Travers my voice teacher...and Heather Renyolds and Bonnie Bernstine and Joe *weirdlastname* and Joe *weirdlastname* and Alan *weirdlastname* get me in and out of that silly green make up every night. And the cast - Joel Gray, Carol Shelly, Norbert Butz, the crew for getting me safe up and down in that flying machine...and, and my mother, my father, and my sister Cara, and my grandmother are here tonight! Thank you for taking me to see Dream Girls and Annie and everything growing up! *Gigglespaz* And my beautiful, beautiful husband, who tells me he loves me even when I feel like the biggest loser, I love you so much! *Infamous shot of Taye wiping away a tear* Thank you everybody! *Audience starts cheering, and she inhales and bows and blows a kiss and walks off stage all giggly and happy.*"

*Squee* It's far too cute...it's illegal to be that adorable. For once Idina won out the cuteness award against Cheno. *Huggles them both.* The OBC ROCKED. And, and, AND WHEN IS JOEL GONNA BE ON ALIAS. *Spaz* I want him to sooo sing Willkommen when he gets there. Then Wonderful. Hell, if he doesn't, I will.


P.S. And you know you're a Wicked fan if.....you watch the Tony Performance of Defying Gravity...and you know it was cut and shortened and the sound isn't anywhere near the clarity of actually being there and the TV distorts the voices...but despite all this...you still grin and get goosebumps and you shiver when Idina takes to the sky belting her note ("It's not her, she had nothing to do with it. I'm the the one you want. It's me! It's MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!") and you cheer with the audience as she begins Elphie's biggest moment, and you cry when they cut to Cheno/Glinda looking up at her friend, and you still cry as 'Bring me down!' is belted and you still scream and cheer (to a computer screen) when those green lights hit the fog and the last note is sung and the music stops and you just want to melt and watch it forever...because it's managed to reach out and grab you and refuse to let go, and just watching small bits like that makes you long to be there watching it on stage...and all that bitterness you have built up from people who judge it wrongly due to the book and the amusement you get from a five year old that detests Idina ("the green girl") because she only sees Elphaba as that Wicked Witch of the West and nothing more...it's gone for just a moment and you're stuck staring at a beautiful moment that you don't think you'll ever forget seeing.

Or maybe that's just me....Wicked makes my emotions take over...
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You and I )

Are You There? )

Everyone should heart Bare: A Pop Opera. I think I like it because, in some way, it's almost RENT-ish. But there's no soundtrack and it's closed. *Mutters*



Feb. 21st, 2005 05:55 pm
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THE L WORD *Runs into a wall*

The real premire was yesterday...but did I have Showtime yesterday...NO. So, I can settle for TONIGHT. In 3 HOURS. YAY.

Jesse is supposed to be around within the next three days to watch it with me since she gets off of work at 5 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Hope she does come over...we're the L Word Team. Plus, it's REEAALLY hard to watch The L Word with parents around. I'm gonna always have to have a back up thing playing on the DVD player in case someone decides to come visit The Maddy in the middle of my lovely, very adult show. Yay.

Gah. I think I'm going to die from the anticipation of DALICE. I refuse to spoil myself, but DALICE. And hell, something has to happen with Marina early on, she's not even IN this season, they have to get rid of her somehow. And Bette and Tina...oh fun...and SHANE, my lovely SHANE...but DANA AND ALICE. That's all this season will be about. Even though I think Bette and Tina and Jenny will have way more screentime and have bigger plots. Oh, yes.

MAYBE LARA WILL COME BACK. Fwaaaa...I have no idea what I think about Lara now. But there's no Marina, so no OTP's for Daphyn. *Sad*

Gah...I want The L Word NOW.

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The L Word.




I'm trying to say this without spoiling the people on my flist who haven't seen the latest episode...but...gaaahhhh.

Very disjointed short rant, includes complete spoily stuff. It is out of order, though. )

Shorter, less spoily version...

OMGTINA! And EVIL BETTE! DALICE IS FUN! TONYA IS EVIL! Silly, sad Shane, it's very upsetting...Jenny can't figure her life out, Marina needs Jenny more than Jenny ever needed her...the Drag King still reigns as the character I have yet to hate at all, ever...even though we did se him with his hair and chest wrapped...Tim is a moron, and makes less sense than he did last season, if that's even possible. I hope he really does go to Ohio. Woot. And in a way a cliffhanger ending, because hell if I know what will happen after that look. It was a we've been sleeping together look, but they haven't. So. I don't know. But this is the most tauntingly spoilerific nonspoil version of a rant EVER.

*Inhale. Exhale.* I hope the episode records tonight. It spazzed during the actual eppy, though I do have it, it's just named wrong...

*Squee* The L Word is back with full force! And a KICK ASS opening episode!

I NOW HAVE A REAL, HOUR LONG, OBSESS NIGHT AND DAY SHOW AGAIN! (I heart Alias. But The L Word takes much more of my fangirly energy)


P.S. Shane is hawt. Leisha (or, well, Alice) is too.

Bride of the P.S. My icon is NOT from this episode.


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