Feb. 16th, 2005

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I only have tne minutes to write an entry....I ran around the net looking at stuff, first. ^_^ I wonder when Mrs. Center will let us get on the internet again...

I looks like Night is doing the Ice picture I asked for...and well that's with the hmmmyay. She's nice, if scary, scary, SCARY with her religion, and she's a good pic person. I just dunno if her style fits Icy. She's just looking for pictures right now, so I might end up getting someone else. I would love Frisky or Knobby to do it...or Ceara, I adore Ceara. But well yay, Night. And it's very fitting, anyways...*Huggles Laila*

Hmm...I'm sick. I DON'T want to be at school right now, my nose is all stuffy and my throat hurts. Everyone else is sick, too. We should so all be home right now on a Sick Day...gah.

I don't WANNA WEAR A SKIRT...but oh look people are gonna make me...evil dance. *Growls* Maybe I'll just steal Casie's clothes, that's always fun.

I have a box thingy for Lisha's CDs and floppy's...I'm gonna have fun finding things to stuff into the box because it's a little too big but it shall be fun...hope you like bubble wrap...but my dad still had to get an envelope for Daphyn's CDs. If anything Lisha's will get sent out tomorrow, hopefully, and Daphyn's on Monday. Or maybe even Friday, if dad can get the envelopes and label thingies and Jesse could take it into town...I dunno.

The muses are bugging me. Laila wants to talk, she's been having fun stalking her daughter through me. I should prolly converse with teh ghost muse...she's highly amusing, she kicks ass, and she luffs her Icy...though she often makes fun of her, which is always funny. And she likes Daken, which is just FUN, and usually when I'M screaming at Ice to JUST SAY IT, Laila's muttering the same things I'm yelling. So much fun.

Ahh, bell. Toodles.


Feb. 16th, 2005 04:14 pm
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We had a weird day.

During seminar, they called all the 7th grade boys into the hallway. All the girls bunched up and pondered what was going on, but the guys came back and WE were called out. They had us stand in a line by the wall, roll up our sleeves, hold out our arms and they checked for signs of cutting. I don't know what I felt about it. They busted Bethany for carving T.B. on her hand, which I thought was kind of pointless...on both sides, really, but oh well. But that was it...they took some time to belittle us, and I got annoyed because they made it sound like if either you cut, or you new someone that was, you were completely sick and you were a bad person. But the people that are doing it because it's "cool"...just make me angry.

And then we toddled off back to class. They didn't check anyone else. Which really, in all honesty, freaked the 7th grade girls out. Because we know people that do it.

So...I told Miss Trammel to check them tomorrow. I don't know if she will, but I told her...

I'm gonna have a pissy friend on my flist...and about now I'm regretting it, because I'm not big with the whole school getting involved thing...or people being forced into being "found out," as it was nicknamed. But then I'm just worried...about a lot of people...one in particular...I don't really know my stance on the whole thing, part of me (and one half of my friends) thinks I did the right thing, then another part of me (and another half of my friends) thinks I should have kept my mouth shut.

I don't know...I know some people were "turned in" by 7th graders, so maybe they planned to do it anyways. But *shrug*



Feb. 16th, 2005 08:05 pm
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