Feb. 15th, 2005

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Mm...very much with the sleepy...

I woke up sick today. My throat still hurts when I touch it. Erg, I got through the day fine, but I'm just exhausted...

Oh, of course, until lisha says "OH THE THINGS I HAVE TO TELL YOU!"



Well now I am teh happy. Fwee. I have shows tonight. Scrubs and Celebrity Poker Showdown because of BlackKitty. I don't have all the fun shows like Lisha has...hmph...

Lessee, lessee. Oh, I had a WEIRD dream last night. I don't remember half of it, but I kind of pick up remembering being in New York City...and I saw Wicked (though I don't remember that) and I was waiting by the stage door, which wasn't actually the stage door mind you, it was more in an ally. But anyways, I somehow made it back stage...and it was like my old bedroom, which is now the living room. Blue carpet and all. It was weird. But Dee came through, I got a picture, but I followed her out and she acted all friendly and I got to wait with her while she signed autographs. Then I find out they're making a Wicked movie...and she was gonna be in it but well have to wait until after RENT...then a whole bunch of stuff happened that I don't remember, but THEN I was at her 'Zipper Theatre Concert.' But it wasn't the Zipper theatre, cause it was DEFINITELY the Gershwin. I was sitting in the mezzanine...I swear it was Mezz Row A Seat 19, because it was the exact same place I'd sat when I actually did see Wicked. And it was really funny, she sang and had props and danced around the stage. Then I switched places with this girl in the 2nd to first row, I was kind of to one side. And the chairs were like recliners and they moved. And halfway through the part I came down for she hauls up this TV and turns it on and talks to us while she does it, then she rides off in this carriage (because the "Zipper" was part of like a series of concerts...and had to do with horses...) and we all thought she was coming back but the TV went from well her concert to some movie on Showtime. And the Gershwin turned into a living room, and yeeeaaahhh. It was WEIRD. Then I woke up without the ability to breathe. Fun.

Nothing else really happened today. 'Cept we had tater tots at lunch, and Derek put a bunch in his pocked, but before we could kick them he sat on them. But Will and I went through the entire day doing things like "Gimme your tots!" "No, get your own!" in the hallway. Fun stuff.

You know what...I forgot to put the convos on Lisha's CD. Grr. I'll put them on floppy disks, I guess. *nods and scuttles off*

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I'm gonna be at Cassie's on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until mid-afternoon. The parents are leaving me to go look at houses and such. Bleh.

So it looks like, since I'm gonna be with teh Cassie, I shall be going to the dance on Friday. Oh, well. Upside? JESSIE. Downside? Dance! Oh well, I'll end up wearing one of my everyday crap outfits...though I heart my current jeans, fun bluerainbow belt, BlackCat Motoroil shirt and blue hoodie...and I could con someone into straightening my hair and I'm all set. And on Saturday I get to go watch Cassie in honors band, yay! We're hoping they don't turn me away because they'll know I quit band...they have super evil band senses. Then on Sunday, uh, um...we'll be us. We're weird. We always find things to do...either we'll play Tony Hawk Pro Skater 50ThousandTwoHundredAndSeven and lose the entire game even though we get to the last level, or we'll make up a crappy dance to Sk8er Boi, or MY PERSONAL FAVORITE...make up parodies on songs on the spot. Cassie and I are SUPER at those. Well, actually, the songs themselves SUCK, but we're good with the come-up-with-rhymes-and-just-keep-going kind of thing. And we ALWAYS say the SAME thing, even if we're on completely opposite ends of a room. I personally like "Black is Back" to the tune of the lovely Eminem song the most.

Black is back
Back again
Black is back
Tell a hen (WTF, you say?)
Black is back
Black is back
Black is back
Black is back
Black is back
Black is back...
Black! Black! Black! Black!

Or OR...

Chicken's back
Back again
Chicken's back
Tell the hens (It fits there)
Chicken's back
Chicken's back
Chicken's back
Chicken's back
Chicken's back
Chicken's back
Bawk! Bawk! Bawk! Bawk!

Avril seems to be a nice target for these kind of things, too.

I love my Cassie. We had a rap, too. It was a KICK ASS rap, because we did it in the middle of class...Stormey, Cassie and me. It was the COOLEST...it had Neverson Babies, gay bunnies, bubblegum houses, oh it was BRILLIANT. Stormey loved her "Don't dont, don't BITE me!" Then the sub teacher we had took it away. *pout* Cassie tried to pass it off as her science homework. "Uh. We're doing...biology...and...how animals interact. Bunnies, see? They have...boyfriends."

Or we'll play The Sims, and Cassie will collapse into her desk like she does EVERY time I'm over there. Orr watch Whose Line, and try to be Colin. Hmm, what else...watch THE LION KING. OH, YES. Or we'll kidnap Stormey and we can go insane...or, well, we'll to a sayonce. All of them are very reasonable. Yay, fun!

Hmm, but yes, I will be gone. I had a point to this whole thing, I was gonna say something...but no. Gone now.

*Wanders off to watch Scrubs*

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1. The first character you fell in love with:
2. The character you never expected to love as much as you do now:
3. The character everyone else loves that you don't:
4. The character you love that everyone else hates:
5. The character you used to love but don't any longer:

Character Survey...Buffy, Angel, Wicked, RENT, The L Word and Firefly )

Yay, fun!


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