Feb. 10th, 2005


Feb. 10th, 2005 04:41 pm
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I have a headache. It's not fun. And I felt fine this morning...sleepy, but fine. THEN I had to print out stuff in the comp lab...I swear that printer wants me to DIE. It lets off tons of fumes and it's just all kinds of evil. But, annnnyways...

Lessee...oh, evil, evil conversation in Keyboarding this morning.

Jessi: *Runs over like the dork she is* Maddy...are you coming to the dance?
Me: *Blink* Do I ever come to the dances?
Jessi: But Maddy! You have to!
Me: No.
Jessi: It's my last dance here in New Bloomfield!
Me: No.
Jessi: *Puppy eyes*
Me: No. And when has that ever worked?
Jessi: Never, but, but...*more puppy eyes*
Me: No.
Jessi: Damnit Maddy...Jessie Hayes will be there.
Me: *Skeptical look* How do you know?
Jessi: Marisa and Bethany told me.
Me: She is not.
Jessi: She is to. COME TO THE DANCE!
Me: *Grumble* I don't know.

*Hits Jessi. Repeatedly. With a BopIt, so it makes those sounds like 'And pull it! Now bop it! Now spin it!'*

I don't want to go to the dance. Honestly, why would MADDY want to go to a DANCE? I'm much like the Lisha, and hell I prolly won't go to prom. If I did, I would show up in jeans and a hoodie, which is what I would wear ANYWHERE, so I would just spend my night acting like a complete idiot. Which I do anyways, but in the comfort of my own home.


But Jessie might be there.

Should that be a deciding factor against all the other ones...no, no it shouldn't. It's just one girl, who I was friends with, who moved away. Just a girl who I, you know, had a big crush on...and hell she knew about that, and she accepted it....so, um....


From what I hear she cut off a bunch of her hair and dyed it blonde. WTF. She had gorgeous, thick, dark brown STRAIGHT hair, oh I envied her for it for YEARS. And I would constantly pet it and play with it and beg her to trade me hair. Why would she ever want to get rid of that...it made her outstandingly gorgeous...bah, Jessie was always gorgeous. She's in that line between downright PRETTY to insanely cute. She had a cute little nose that turned up a little bit at the end, and the hair and she was pretty and never minded her bodyshape (in all honestly I don't think she ever had reason to, but I know people tried to put her down for having a normal shape) and she's FUNNY and and SOMEONE STOP ME.

This is my 'OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG.....*die*' post of the month/year/decade/whatever. But I just absolutely adore Jessie...and now I never see her...and gah I hate dances with a passion, but I keep trying to convince myself it might be fun and I'd get to see her, but I truly DON'T WANT TO GO.

*Hits Jessi with a BopIt again*

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I'm the bi bopsiey bitch.

*Giggles madly*

Jessi's gonna be very annoyed with me for snapping at Tyler like I did...but it was just not cool. I know I said stuff I completely shouldn't have and things I know aren't true (especially the 'abusive' comment, I know that in itself was way out of line...), but I was not in the mood for him to tell me to 'just stop.' Just stop worrying? Just stop being a best friend? Just stop looking out for you? Hell. No.

*Inhale. Exhale.*

Oh so much better.


Yay, Mary Poppins. I love Happy!Cheery Julie Andrews...she's so adorable, yes she is. I luffle her, Julie was and always shall be GRAND.

"If the hills really were alive, wouldn't they eat Julie Andrews?"

I couldn't go to Tito's game...no one was even around until 6:30, and even then it's not even my parents. Soo, yeah. Hmph.

What was I going to say...it was very important...or not, but I felt like it was. I still need to start chapter 11. Gah. I've tried to write it from Daken and Amit's POV, and then from the POV of worried Morca, from the POV of worried Drake, from the POV of Morca who is not worried but Drake is, vice versa...gah, gah. It's NOT fun. I may just write where she wakes up and set it aside...I dunno. But it's an evil beginning.

OH OH *JUMPS* There are 3 ferrets for sale in the newspaper. 3 ferrets, with cage and accessories, for $200. All together. Considering ferrets are around $130 each when bought from the store, I WANT THEM AND I MAY HAVE A CHANCE OF CONVINCING MY PARENTS. I mean, probably not, BUT MAYBE. And I know what I would name them...if it was three boys, it'd be Perididdle, Gavroche (Gavvie) and Atherton (Alfie), and if there were a girl in the mix it'd be named Raina...and I could name another girl Perididdle actually. I dunno what'd I'd name another if it were to be 3 girls, but but...I WANT THE FERRETS. I really do.

Hmm. Mary Poppins!



Feb. 10th, 2005 10:46 pm
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So, watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network...and during the lovely bumpers they have, they mentioned a girl named Samantha who had a bumper air that asked them what colors they'd be if they were a My Little Pony. They replied with a bright blue pony with purple mane and tail, bright yellow sunbursts for eyes/hooves, and of course, a sword and bow & arrow strapped on. Very cute. But, apparently, Samantha had the flu and missed the whole thing. So her boyfriend starts begging them to let him make it up to her...after commercials.

Commercials air. Bumper shows up.

It's black with little white font and annoying grungy music....

"The following cheesy moment does not in any way reflect the views of [adult swim] which is totally hardcore and watches football and *crossed out word*."

It does white, nice music.

"Dear Samantha,

*on bended knee*
Will you Marry me?


*Giggles* Returns to hardcore

"After all this trouble, she sure as hell better.

Our apologies to any other Michael-Samantha couples...that are now sharing an awkward moment."


I wanna be proposed to on Adult Swim...tee hee.

I should sleep...I sleep on the couch tonight...ah, oh well. ^_^



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