Feb. 7th, 2005


Feb. 7th, 2005 06:11 pm
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Mom called...she's in Detroit getting on a plane to St. Louis...she had her interview for the job in Boston today. She said it went really well and that she thinks they're gonna make her an offer. Of course, that doesn't mean she'll take it, because they have to offer her enough so we can handle the higher cost of living, and still be comfortable...and live in a 'nice neighborhood' and stuff like that...so doesn't mean she'll GET the job, but just ugh...

Scared out of my mind...


But, um, yeah, annnyways. Lessee, what has happened today. I went on the entire school day on 5 hours of sleep, because I had insomnia until 1 AM. Bleh, NOT FUN, especially when we had to do arobics in gym. -.- I was NOT amused. Actually, I was, especially once Alicia and Hannah and Jaime and I all got WAY too into it. But it was painful. We're all bringing in our own tapes with a lower torture factor. So, therefore, YOGA ALL AROUND. Yay.

Had some...interesting conversations in gifted today. Now most of the girls in the plastics group have Livejournals, and it's already caused shit for Jessi because she *shudderGASP* spoke her mind. She said some of them were annoying. OH, HOW WOUNDING. I doubt any of them care enough to read my LJ, but if I'm LUCKY enough to get a rare visitor from good old NB (NOTE: I'm going to just unleash my inner bitch...) I DON'T GIVE A DAMN WHAT YOU ALL THINK ABOUT WHAT I WRITE. IT'S MY LIFE, IT'S MY THOUGHTS, IT'S WHO I AM. If you all feel the need to hate me even MORE because of something you read here, that's just being petty and stupid. I can't believe some of the lengths some of you go to so you can uphold your queen bitch titles. I'm not going to scurry and hide and make my LJ Friends Only because of what you all think you can do, and what kind of power you think you have. What I write here is my business, and my thoughts, and my feelings. Taking them as offensive would just be idiocy on your behalf.

*Giggle smile* Yay, that was fun! And prolly slightly stupid, but I fail to care.

Hmmm, oh what else, what else. My brain fails to work...uhh...I wrote a little today. Yes, during Keyboarding. Just a little test for chapter 11...it spun way around and became a lot of Morca/Amit muck, so I'll prolly rewrite the whole thing. But it's nice to feel a little back in the groove of writing...I lurve it oh so much.

I'm bored...no Lisha tonight. Bah. I should watch me some Buffy, or RENT. Tomorrow I shall have to ask one of the parents to rent Cats for me...

Hmm, I got REALLY bored and made a picture. It's not very good, but it kind of calmed me down...I made it from...5 pictures, I think. Sunset, desert, dove, horse, stars...yep. It was kind of fun, and I randomly put down a quote (and no name, cause I was too lazy to move the text)...yeah. Piccie Here

EDIT: For those that can't get the above link to work and for some reason do wanna see the picture (it's not very good), There's another link.


I think I'm gonna write or curl up to some tv. Toodles all.



Feb. 7th, 2005 08:14 pm
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I mean...I already found around 2500 caps from someone else, ONLINE, in photobucket accounts...and that's all shiny 'n stuff, and I could easily search out someone who could give me the caps I need...and these are, well, many very large .zip files for a dial-up connection...

But they are so...very...pretty. [/Mal]

I need them. I need them so much it's sick. I'm a 10th Kingdom addict and I'M NOT AFRIAD TO SAY IT.

I also need the DVD, which is so the next thing I'm buying...maybe after Wonderfalls. But the DVD...oh, it'd be so shiny....and crystal-clear images of Scott Cohen. *Melts* And not to mention Kimberly Williams. *More melting.* Mmm, it's a very pretty lead couple...

Yeah, I'm starting to download the pretty cappies. My comp is actually RUNNING to download these, I tell you, 2,000kb in under 8 minutes...that's rather fast for my poor connection. *Yay!*

Sooo, off to let the internet not overload and wrrriiiittteee!


Well guess who I saw today
Standin' outside my favortie cafe
Sippin' his morning coffee
On my street
I said 'how're you, I'm just fine,
I think that I recognize that tie...'
He said 'Sorry I never got to say good-'
By the way,
I'm doin' much much better
I was just a little under the weather
But pay no mind to me..

'Cause you know that it only hurts when I breathe
When I make believe
That maybe he truly needs me
It only hurts here and there
Well doesn't he care
Doesn't he ever miss me
It only hurts me when
I breathe....

[/Idinafangirlage] I love her, and I LOVE this song, especially the 'Good - by the way' bit...cause it's nice. Trish sings this sometimes, which is sad, and Josh gets this pitifil look in his eyes like he knows he'll never be better than Drake. Which isn't true, cause Trish may still love Drakie but Josh is hers now...so sad.


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