Feb. 6th, 2005

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Hmm...mmmtired. I need to make a new pretty layout for my LJ, but I'm too lazy. I found MANY MANY 10th Kingdom caps, which have happified me, so I'll prolly make one for that so I can use Daphyn's pretty pretty moodset.

I'm very sleepy. Talking to Tito about cuddles and watching Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood on TBS. I also need to write that stupid song for Social Studies...and do the math homework I didn't understand...gah, gah.

Oh, yes, Lisha and I FINISHED CHAPTER 10. *Confetti!* Prolly not a big deal to many, but for me and Lisha it's just a grand thing. To kind of explain...we wrote about a page worth of chapter 10 through tag-teaming at the beginning of JUNE. June, 2004. I remember, cause I had it when I went to Vail for the reunion, and my 2nd cousin Carolyn read it. Yeah, so it's been forever since we've worked on that story, and it's nice to have another bit done. And it was a big push over an edge, we got all the characters where they need to be (or they will be after a tiny little scene) and from there it's a lot easier because we also shooed off characters for a few chapters. YAY for my beautiful Annoyed!Trish and Smug!Drake. Fwee, yay.

I should prolly go to bed...toooodles all.



Feb. 6th, 2005 11:52 am
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Jessi, I did the colors on your LJ...I can change them, but you might have to wait a while cause I'm gonna be doing my layout today.

Hmm, I'm also gonna write today...I'm all excited about started chapter 11, because it's gonna be an EASY fun chapter. Yay! So much of the stuff I've looked forward to, yes. Hmm, it's gonna have to be over 2000 words though, because I feel the need to boost The Story (notice how, even though there's a title, I never use it...) over 20,000 words. Considering my Nano has been sitting around at 50,100 something words, 20k may not be the greatest accomplishment...especially considering that MS Word tells me the first chapter of the rewrite was started in April 2003, but, it'll make me happy. Espcially since I haven't written much since November.

Off to do stuff...I really SHOULD do homework, but god I'm a procrastinator.




Feb. 6th, 2005 05:24 pm
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I am so lazy it's sick.

Sooo, after I posted last, I got sucked into an LJ called 'boobiebar'...yeah everyone just went "WTF?!" I found it while reading the customers_suck community, and it's more or less just posts from this girl who works in a strip club about how horrible and annoying some of the customers are. It was highly amusing and I don't know...interesting from a writer POV, and very cheer-worthy, especially when she would kick some idiot customer's ass for multiple reasons...touching her waist-length, stalking, trying to light her on fire with a Zippo lighter...yeah. And her shout outs to the good customers usually end the posts, which is, you know, neat. I'm STILL getting weird looks from ALL OF YOU, I know, but I was big on the procrastination.

Around 1 I wandered upstairs to look for food, and my dad made breakfast (yeah, actual breakfast...I hadn't eaten all day) and I watched Queer Eye, and at 2:00 a Modern Marvels thing on how they make candy and snack food came on, and yeah I was excited...I'm a geeeeeeek. But I had to take some Binadryl because I was breaking out in itchy red welts...which are not fun, and all over my arms, knees, and one on my foot that is just gah. But the Binadryl made me sleepy, and I passed out around 2:40. Didn't wake up till 5:00. Joy. Now I'm really out of it, still, and I so have to at least get my homework mostly done. Once I do that, I'm writing, the lj can wait. Bah.

*Goes to find some soda*

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Well the song didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would to finish. I forget if I mentioned it, but in Social Studies, Kelsey and I were paired up together for a little project...every pair in the class had to write a song or poem about Alexander the Great. Kelsey wanted to write a poem, but I said if it had a tune we could memorize it better, and she said no singing...but I wore her down saying we could use ANY tune. You know what we end up with?

The Ants Go Marching.

Tee hee.

So it's 6 verses of stuff about Alexander the Great. Lessee...Alexander goes marching 1 by 1, the infantry goes marching 2 by 2, the Persians go marching 3 by 3, Alexandrian's go marching 4 by 4, Artisans go marching 5 by 5, and the empire goes marching 6 by 6. It's actually really crappy, and at one point it doesn't rhyme OR we rhymed army with army. Yeah. But it covers all the ground needed, from Alexander's idea of for his empire, to trying to have Persian culture, how Alexandria was center of trade and learning, blah, blah, blah...yeah. It works. And I think it gets cute points. So yay!

I still have math, but I'm not going to look at it now. Right now I really wanna write...



Feb. 6th, 2005 08:44 pm
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I found pictures of me and my horse (old horse, now...I don't go to Mona's anymore, I haven't seen Bummer since mid-December. *is sad about that) at a horse show we went to in...April. Yes, April. They're small and bad quality, and the website put watermarks and crap on them...buut, yeah. Image heavy.

This way to teh horsies )

Hmm...I'm glad I got better horse show clothes. I did upgrade to better stuff through the summer...though I still love those blue chaps, and that sparkly blue slinky I wore for western under that vest. When I have just it, black jeans, and black chaps...I'm hot. Oh yes. ^_^ Though I have a shirt of Sarah's it's purple and silver swirly and half see-through...ooh, I love that one too.

Annnnd that's all. Lots of piccies, but yeah. I liked ranting about them. Mmmhmmm. I don't show anymore, and I don't see Bummer either. Looking at these made me almost miss it, though. Not horsemanship or eq, I was always ready to throw-up from fear at those even though I usually went through with flying colors...but Pleasure classes. I can just feel my heart pounding, and tugging back on the reins to keep Bummer nice, and sitting back and loping along...getting all warm and nervous, but I wish I had that feeling back. When I was IN the show arena, I was at peace, even though I was terrified out of my mind. If I could go back to Bummer and showing without Mona to bite my head off every five mintues and push me into things I don't want to do, I really would...

Hmm, I need to write. God, I haven't done that at ALL today. Lazy Maddy...I'll prolly make a horse show icon instead, though. *Headdesk*



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