Feb. 5th, 2005


Feb. 5th, 2005 04:24 pm
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*Hums along with Idina singing Minuet*

I kind of really want to see Les Mis now...but well it's in St. Louis RIGHT NOW. I mean, literally, there is a performance RIGHT NOW. But, bah, I would have to get tickets for next weekend and mom won't be home until MONDAY and and rawr. I bet I won't see it. But I just want to hear On My Own live, because I am a sad, sad person.

Hmm...OH. A while back my dad got like $3000+ worth of records from a friend. It was really cool, I still want to sort through some and see the good ones. But today he found out he had a RECORD OF CATS. It was bought for $9 in London (the Harrod's sticker was still on it) and it's KICK ASS. Mmkay, it makes me INSANELY happy. I didn't realize it was Cats (my dad almost constantly has music playing upstairs with his insaneo music system, so I usually can tune it out) until I hear, you know, the word. ^_^ I hear people singing about cats and I kind of wandered upstairs to find out what was going on. It's REALLY COOL, I've never actually heard much from Cats, and well yeah. Pretty. During one song, I have no idea which, there was a huge length of orchestration. It was gorgeous, and I could tell it was certainly written for a musical with a lot of leaping and dancing...I could hear the...how do I describe it. I could hear how it flowed and jumped and just twisted around. I could feel the music. It's hard to explain, but I just started grinning and I didn't stop until my dad turned it off. It kind of managed to take over. I don't know how, but musicals can grab a hold of me and refuse to let go and I can't control most of my actions.

So I almost started dancing through that entire song. ^_^



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