Feb. 3rd, 2005


Feb. 3rd, 2005 08:26 pm
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My crappy type day...includes me ranting about stupid swelling of my hands, so yay! )

I'm slightly bitter and moody about all of this, don't TELL ME if I might have Reyes Syndrome. Cause I prolly don't, but you're freakin' me out.

Whew. I had to rant about that, and I'm really sorry if you didn't want to hear about my freaky body day. On a nice note, at least I didn't have cramps. *Sends happy fairies with bags of Midol to Teh Daphyn*

I feel like I'm being a bitch about all of this, cause really nothing happened. And I don't care, which shows how much of a bitch I'm being...but I just had an annoying day. And if my hands swell up tomorrow, I'm gonna be really, really unamused.


You know what cheers me up? THIS QUOTE.

"Bunnies don't make noise, unless you, like, squeeze 'em really hard."

Which isn't mine, but is from Daphyn's website quote page. You know what also cheers me up? Thinking about Health class the other day. SOMEHOW we got to the subject of Mr. Lameroaux (I can never spell his name right) and whether he's gay or not, and this came up.

Sarah: He's RACIST! He puts his hands on our shoulders and touches us and *shudder*
Me: *Blinks* But that's doesn't make him RACIST...that makes him a pedophile!


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