Feb. 2nd, 2005

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Idina wrote this song for her sister. When they were younger, her sister began auditioning for parts in plays and musicals and people told her she should have her own thing, because the singing was Idina's. And her sister just stopped singing in public, but Idina heard her singing not too long ago and describes her sister's voice as beautiful and hauntingly delicate, and she wrote this song because she felt that she stole her sister's glory from her. And her sister is also going through a lot of tough things, she's single with 2 kids, and it's just really pretty. The lyric translation I found isn't perfect, but it's the only one out there.

Rise Up )

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I need this for reference if I get online during Keyboarding tomorrow. ^_^

I can't stop listening to Rise Up. It's so beautiful. I keep crying while she sings it.

I should go to bed, too. Eep. This proves problematic.

Lisha...you haven't seen amusing yet. Because Ice started singing "If all the raindrops were lemondrops and gumdrops..." and then she even did the "Going ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah." It was insanely funny, and she giggled afterwords. Which she just doesn't do much. The singing thing was really weird, actually, because she started really relaxing, like totally and completely, which she just doesn't do. She's usually constantly on edge and pretends never to have fun. And tonight she was, I daresay, HYPER. Which is cute. She didn't really get to be a kid. After the age of four she kind of disguised herself and decided she had to be an adult. *Pets Icy*

Rise up, rise in the morning, sing your song in all it's glory....



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