Jan. 27th, 2005


Jan. 27th, 2005 08:57 am
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From Adriana: Do you and Taye plan on having kids? If you two replaced Adam and Eve, the human race would be infinitely more attractive.

Idina responds: Thank you, thank you. God, everyone's filled with so many compliments. Yes, we do plan to have kids. I just can't be pregnant and up on a flying contraption right now. It would be a little precarious. But yes, we would like to have kids.


From Christopher Cusumano: How do you feel playing an American icon? Do you feel you've done the wicked witch justice for not only Wicked fans, but Wizard of Oz fans? Do you think there are any differences between the Wizard of Oz witch, and the Wicked witch?

Idina responds: I actually think that the Wizard of Oz witch is sort of the public persona of who she was, and Elphaba, the girl that I play, is behind the scenes of what Wizard of Oz fans didn't know. That's how I look at it. So there's part of her that I can take from, but the other part leaves me all the freedom in the world to play with, because nobody knew what was going on and we can make that up. And with Joe Mantello, the director, and with Kristin and the writers, that's what we did. So I just think that she was misunderstood, and I think it's a great message for everyone not to judge people and to seek for the truth harder--not just assume things because they're told them.

Just clippies from a Q&A back from well I would guess late 2003 or early 2004.

Linkage here - http://www.livejournal.com/community/wicked_elite/122291.html

Fwee....it made my morning!



Jan. 27th, 2005 06:30 pm
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My mom told me that she probably has an interview for the job in Boston...if she gets it we'd move up there after the summer (from what I've gathered...)

I know there's chances she won't get it...but it's a company she feels is better for her, with a better atmosphere and the money is better and all that jazz. But...it's Boston. Granted we could live in all sorts of places, suburb or in the city or well just outside the city...but I don't know what I think about it...

I'm not the biggest fan of Missouri. Oh no, not by a longshot. But I've spent 13 years of my life curled up in our house out in the country, with the cows and the grass and the fields and the lakes, forests, no neighbors...and I like it. I wanna be here until I have to leave, quite frankly. Going from hick town to BOSTON isn't the smallest culture shock, now is it?

There are upsides...I'd be leaving behind my lovely countryside and small school and friends that I've known forever. But I guess I'd also be getting used to citylife (which I have to admit I love, too...) and a bigger school with more options and hell more theatre and dance and arts and those kind of things, the ones I CAN'T get in the middle of nowhere. And it's not like I can't make friends...I mean...right? Sometimes I think the only reason I have so many of my people is because we've known each other since we were 5 or 6, and we're kind of stuck together. I don't really want to leave that. My Cassie, Stormey, Hanananah, Hannah, Kelsey, Jaime and Jessi (though, moving....) and just all those that I was uber-friends with forever...and then there's my new people...my lovely people that either just showed up or I stopped hating them...I mean Tito and Briana and Bethany. Hmm...Bethany...um...wait, that'd be getting off the subject here...

But I mean I'm just NOT a city person. Look at me...I'm a small town 13-year-old that grew up around nothing but fields and cows...what do I wear, oh look nothing but jeans and t-shirts and hoodies...and I just don't belong there. Not now. Not yet. I don't wanna move. God I really don't wanna move.

It's prolly premature for that rant...because well not even had an interview yet...but just *sighs.*

My Jessi moves to Indiana in June...ugh. After that I might almost want to get out. But...I don't know. Mom talks about the great schools with the culture and just it'd be great for part of me, you know, the part that wants to run wild and jump up on stage and have a place to throw all my passion and be just be that. But the Maddy part of me says no...*sigh*



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