Jan. 26th, 2005

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Day of silence is over...but I still feel odd inside about Jonathan Larson. Maybe I'm being overly sappy with my first year as a RENThead and in my love of JL...but it's just...he was so close to the top. So there. One more day, and his musical he'd worked so hard on for so many years would have hit the stage. It would have started it's ride to success, to 9 years of glory on Broadway, in tour, and now a movie...but he wasn't there. His dream never slipped through his fingers...but he never got to hold them tight. But he passed on the message, and his death, while horrible, added such a new element to RENT. No Day But Today...the fact that the writer of such a message passed on just before he would have been in the spotlight makes me shiver every time.

I still believe Jonathan Larson has seen the success. He may not have lived it, but even if I'm not the most religious person, not by a longshot...I think he's there. Every night, peering over his creation and smiling the goofy way he does. There's no other way you could stare at that stage at the height of No Day But Today and NOT feel it. He's proud. Of his show, of the actors, of the band, of the fans...all of it. And he'll be there when the movie begins shooting. I bet he's there now, watching many of his very, VERY good friends take on their roles once again to renew his vision into a film.

I bet people are tired of my Jonathan Larson babbling, so I'll move on. But I had to get that out.

Not much going on otherwise. Singing Mulan. Looking through Wicked stuff. Worrying about Jessi. The standard stuff.


I don't even have an Alias to keep my mind off everything...noo, stupid college basketball. Erg. I do have muses...SINGING muses at that. I think I'm going to update my Character Obsession in my profile to be Ice/Daken. Or, well, Dice. Iken. Tee. Icken. Um, yeah. They've been singing lately. Have they decided what they are? No, of course not, for that would make things too easy...but we all know they love each other, somehow. But they won't say it. That won't happen until, you know, never. Grr.

Umm...Tammy/Fi...wait. No. Not...no. Andie/Fi. Whoa. Tammy's been sleeping around, apparently...forgetting about those silly UNIVERSE BARRIERS. *Shakes head* Um, yeah. Andie/Fi. They've been doing the cute singing thing. Gotta love them. My really stable couple...of course they're lesbians. Duh. I'm very much into the writing for them, it's insanely adorable, and Fi smells like vanilla and coconuts. The fact that I KNOW that much makes me far too happy.

And I think this shall be it. Except...err...yeah.



Jan. 26th, 2005 09:35 pm
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1. Pick 13 movies that you enjoy.
2. Pick a line of dialog that you like.
3. As people guess the film, strike out/bold that entry.
4. NO cheating!!! That means NO: Google, IMDb, etc.!

Fwee! )

I had fun with that. Some are kind of obscurely within the movie, methinks...

And lisha got all but one, because Tito beat her to the 10 Things one. ^_^ I fully expect to go as insane over Lisha's quotes as she did over mine...


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