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Jan. 24th, 2005 04:33 pm
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Maddy ish tired. She's sleepy for some unknown reason, though she feels muuuch better than she did last night. Though, in a way, not saying much. But annnyways, yes. She's in the mood to talk in third person, for it is a glorious format and a grand POV. It is, really. She tried first person in her Nano, and that was a big mistake. The semi-omnipotent third person POV from the unknown narrator is by far the most wonderous POV there possibly is. Except for 2nd person. Because it's just funny. But it's hard to talk about yourself when you use 2nd person. *Maddy ponders*

Maddy was going to continue the rest of the post in 2nd person, but she decided that was too much when one has little focus. So, on with the 3rd person. Or, no. It's far too much focus anyways. 1st person now.

I'm lazy today. Yesh. And quite bored...I have no homework...no one to mutter about...I could bitch about stupid people that get us more homework during the day and the idioticness of other people, but I feel a cheery post is what I need right now. Yes, yes.

Hmm, CONFESSIONS. *Runs to find it*

I have approximately 40 pages left until I'm finished with the actual story...so reading group and bits from Mirror, Mirror do not get to be in the special category. And the weird thing is....I know how the story goes. I'm fairly sure I can trust Gregory to end it the same on a certain aspect, but at the same time I can't believe he'll do it. I don't know WHO I want Iris to be with, I don't know WHAT to think about Margarethe and van den Meer, I don't know WHEN I missed a possibly huge aspect of Caspar. He can't be...I want him to end up with Iris...would that be even something people told each other of back then. It's quite like I think I just missed something. It would be funny, though. Almost. Hmmm...

But, yeah. I'm sad it's almost over. Very upsetting.

Umm...I think this shall be alll. For now.


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Hmm...so, finished.

My overall impression of the book - It was fantastic. The style is gorgeous, and I'll say for the thousandth time, MUCH less bogged down than Wicked was. The characters were well crafted, giving you reasons to hate and adore and envy them all at once, and their individual arcs were nice. The plot as a whole I felt was very well done, and Gregory had a very nice grip on the original story while turning it into a more realistic POV. There are certain plots that aren't wound as tightly or as well as others, I felt, but even so, I was very satisfied with how they turned out.

Though, I have to say I was iffy about the ending. The ending of the actual story (before the epilogue) was nice, though of course it couldn't really be taken as an end there. I would have much preferred it to continue a little more and see the settings of some things, instead of having a first person account looking back on the results many years into the future of the story. It does, gloriously enough, leave room for speculation. The end description paints the starting shapes, but (almost ironically enough, for a story that described things in color and texture than as objects) lets you try your hand at filling in the colors and shades and highlights. I love that. Then again, I HATE that, because I often want to know every detail.

Things I suppose I didn't like...there aren't many. I've definitely warmed up to Gregory's artistic flare, and I muchly enjoy this book. Though I suppose the ending, as I said, left me somewhat disappointed, though not because of how the story actually turned out...just the way it was done. I feel that Gregory grew up...stopped making so many damn turns and adding stuff we didn't need...and that happifies me to no end. I can't wait to read more...and, damn. FANFIC. This book is PRIME FANFIC MATERIAL. Yay.

Soo...yep. My badly done review. In other words...you wanna read something just a little different, or want to see a story you think you know by heart spin into something nearly completely different (but still allows it to fade in and out of the well-known tale, I might add...Confessions fits wonderfully with ANY account of Cinderella)...READ CONFESSIONS OF AN UGLY STEPSISTER.

Or, you know, even if you DON'T want to read something like that. Confessions is just TOO GRAND.



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