Jan. 19th, 2005

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Oh, oh, oh! Look at my hair! What 'do can compare, with mine today? Oh, oh, oh! I've got my hairspray and radio! I'm ready to go! The rats on the street, will dance around my feet, they seem to say 'Tracy it's all to you!' So-oh-oh, don't hold me back 'cause today all my dreams will come true! GOOD MORNING BALTIMORE....

Hairspray on the radio! Well, CD player. CLOSE ENOUGH! *Dances around and sings like a maniac*

Hmm, I'M HYPER! I so should be doing math homework before Alias, for Alias kicks math homework's ass! But, alas, Hairspray is too much fun...

I wonder what's going on on Alias tonight...hmmsers...


Okay, calm down Maddy. *Drinks more Cocacola* That'll help. Hmmm, I wish I could install my digital camera. I went to NYC and just took piccies of, you know, my Wicked theatre and cast. I have two of JLT, one of Michelle (who frightened and amused me...when she was signing mine, she looks over at JLt and asks "Hey Jen, are you singing yours 'I like cheese?' Sadly, she didn't sign my like that. Le sigh.), ummm 3 or 4 of Joey (shhhhhh, he's slightly nummy) and and one really pretty one of my ROBB! *Does her ROBB!Dance of Joy!* I have one of Idina's nose/hair, and one of her bad. *mumbles about dad taking the camera away to try to get one.* SHe was right next to me! Rawwwwrrrness. But....ROBB! *Spasticly passes out*

Too many stars. Bad Maddy. I'm way gone into the land of hyperness. I'm randomly singing and acting out 'I Can Hear The Bells' now, so, um, yes. I luuuuurrrvvee Tracy. Penny is awesome, too. Laura Bell Bundy plays Amber, and and Laura was Cheno's understudy for Glinda. FWEEWAH!

Um, speaking of Wicked...uh....oh, well Wicked > Book > Author > Gregory Maguire....I'm reading Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister. Not very far, but Maddy does like it. Gregory has a very descriptive, blunt, distant style. Very easy to pick out, yes it is, and kind of odd. But I love it. I love Gregory. He deserves a glomp! *GLOMPS GREGORY* They should make a musical out of Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister. They should. Then again, it might show Iris and Ruth in a GOOD light. And they would have names. And Cinderella would be Clara! They might somehow alter the popular story! Which was based off morbid, MORBID stuff to begin with. Oh, the horror! The children! Who saw the movie! Which was based off a book! Shield their eyes!

Hah. Look at how I'm not bitter. Why would I even mention that, with the whole non-bitterness of me at everything! Ah! Hahahaha!

I should go. I really should. Do I have anything else left.......ummm.....

OH! 10th Kingdom fanfiction. I'm big with the wanting to write, but I need a, you know, plot. I luff my wittle Talara, with her ears and little tail. I want her to drag someone (accidentally, mind you, possibly by following Virginia and Wolf into the portal when being followed by someone from the 9 Kingdoms) into the 4th Kingdom, but I don't know who. Male, certainly. I shall figure this out. Yes...I should watch it again. All many many hours. Over and over. Yes. WHITER SHADE OF PALE!

Okay. I have math homework. *Inhale. Exhale.* I shall return!



Jan. 19th, 2005 09:41 pm
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I need to do something...




So, I get a little to into defending my beliefs when someone disses rodeo with false information.

But DAMN...people are stupid when they thing they're doing something right for the animals.

*Walks off muttering*



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