Jan. 16th, 2005

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I keep finding all of my old, downloaded and burned CDs.


I mean....old

*Dances around to Dream Street*

I even know the words!

UPSIDE DOWN! MWAHAHA! A*TEENS! It's AMIT! And, and DHANI! Not to mention Sara and Marie...god...

This was just around the time I got this new compy. God, I was in...3rd grade. At the latest, MAYBE 4th, but I was still absotivelypositive bestest friends with Megan Pemberton...and I found one the other day from I would guess 2nd grade. Well, no, 3rd. Because Rachel was in 6th and she was 3 years ahead of me, as was Megan. It was complete with the suicidal toddler song, 'Kiss This', and 3LW and I screamed and wrote 'Blast From The Past' on it.

God, listen to all this Aaron Carter. That's insane. All these songs I used to swoon ofer, EVEN the "BUM BUM" song (All Things Considered)...tee hee.

These happify me for some reason. Back then, I...had long hair. Near my waist. Mrs. Simpson was still our slightly off kilter Gifted teacher (probably my favorite out of them all. Even though I can argue and annoy Mrs. C...) I still rode the Dry Fork bus, with Willses, Rachel, and Megan...when Lisa drove our bus, her daughters rode with us in the back. Rachel was dating JASON MUSHRUSH, and I unfortunately had to witness one of their make out sessions. Uh, what else. I was a slight homophobe. I lived on RPGs, especially Moon Valley. Harry Potter ruled my life (well, this is if we include 2nd AND 3rd/4th) all the time. My favorite show was anything on Noggin, prolly Ghost Writer. I love, love, LOOOOVVVEEEDDD N*Sync, and I was SO gonna marry Lance Bass. Meghan Warren and Marissa Singleton and I were all good friends. Megan Pemberton and I wrote a song called 'Welcome To 2000' (this actually means I was in 2nd grade through post of this, then), recorded it on a crappy old cassette recorder, ON THE BUS, and then sent in that tape, another tape where we ranted, and a letter....to N*Sync. I kid you not. We also made little radio shows on that cassette player, and I found them not too long ago. It was crazy.

It's weird. So much has changed. I barely talk to Megan, Rachel is homeschooled so I rarely see her, Mrs. Simpson LEFT, I'm on a totally different bus, Jason is, um, weird....Oh. Hah. Not so much with the homophobe now, am I? HEH. I barely RP, Harry Potter seems to only exist when a new book/movie comes out, shows are Buffy/Firefly/Alias...I dislike N*Sync. Their ways are confusing and meddlesome. I'm a musical addict now. Meghan and I don't really talk much, though Marissa is still on my friend list. And I don't write crappy songs any longer. Go me.

Oh, yeah. And I used to hate Jessi with a burning passion, and I was good friends with Lar. Complete opposite on both accounts. Annnd, I have a LISHA. Yaaay.

Weird, weird. This is frightening me. I shall leave now.



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