Jan. 11th, 2005

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Me = teh bored.

I'm listening to Avenue Q, acting everything out at my desk (or to my dogs, in the case of Princeton in It Sucks to Be Me) and watching 'The Most Shocking Ways To Make A Buck' on CMT. I'm trying to hit Kate's notes, but it's annoying. Mixed Tape is TEH AWESOME, though.

In otherwords, I have nothing better to do than complain about her notes. ^_^

I should do science and go over math, but eh.

"Let's see...You've Got a Friend, The Theme From Friends, That's What Friends Are For....SHIT. Oh, but look! A Whole New World, Kiss The Girl, My Cherie Amour! Oh, Princeton, he does like me! Am The Walrus...Fat Bottom Girls...Yellow Submarine...what does this mean?!"

*Huggles Kate reading the Mixed Tape list*

Maybe I'll write. I've been having random A'mael vibes all day. Lots of Drake/Trish scenes from later chappies, but before Will is born, before Hawk/Dria and all that jazz. Though I also have ponderings of a Hawk/Trish scene, which is odd. Because I don't think I've ever imagined Trish at Drake's house with Hawky vibes still around. At least, not in the rewrite. It's kind of fun, because their relationship does need to have a definite end, but I like playing with them. But her never getting to tell him that she loves him...at least, not until they go their different ways and all that...is going to be interesting. I wanna play with that. Because of her complete infatuation and love for Drake the moment she's back in that house, while she still has Hawk off places...fun. Angst. Mmmm, angst...

Or maybe I'll get around to writing that Gelphie fic. Well, no, I don't like Gelphie. What else is there for Glinda/Elphaba? Elinda? Ohhh, Elinda. Sounds much less like a disease. Elphinda...I like Elinda. Yay. I don't know why I wanna write one, but I still say...while Galinda watches Elphie teach her that dance...she falls in love. The look on JLT's face so brought it out, she has an 'Oh...dear...this is going to be hard' expression. Then Elphie staring at Galinda doing the dance. Bahhh, FEMSLASH!


Mr. L is having us do a writing assignment called 'Exploding a Moment', in which I've concluded is when you pick a moment, any moment, and just go insane-o detail. I think I'm going to do Jan 6, Wicked...either Elphaba's ascent in Defying Gravity/YOU CAN'T BRIIIING MEEEE DOOOWN bit, because the moment can be kind of long, or when she's standing onstage during No Good Deed, and she's singing the end, and the wind is coming up and billowing her cloak as her hands twirl and move and all that. Both beautiful and stunning, and both insane emotional moments that I think I can so do a lot on. I thought on the kick ass shadow at the end of No One Mourns the Wicked, when you see Elphaba's huge silhouette on the clock. I could just see her, smirk on her face, hip tilted to one side as she calls upon her powers and spreads her arms up and around and crosses them on her chest. It's moving, very moving, but I don't think it's enough. But it's deff. gonna have to do with Idina and Elphie and all that. Yeah.

I prolly have more to rant about. Filling sooo much time. I have laundry to do, but of course I hold that off for EVER. I should look for my old CD player so I have something to listen to on the bus, for otherwise I go crazy.

"We could be...
Sitting in the computer lab,
4 A.M. before the final paper is due,
Cursing the world 'cause I didn't start sooner,
And seeing the rest of the class there, too!
I wish I could go back to college!"

Hmmm, someone tell me to something. Anything! I need to write, I need to write, my poor A'mael has been more or less totally ignored since like two days before last year's Belmont Stakes/three days before the Tony Awards (I know, cause of my lovely family reunion and both of those events taking place) So, I've been obsessed with Wicked, and I haven't written. This is possibly a conflict of interests. Oh well.

I must write. I must write. How the hell do I write?

I feel lost now...after Nano I just feel burned out, but I'm NOT. I want and NEED to write, and I just need someone to threaten me or somesuch. That's how I finished Nano. Wanting to beat Lisha...I mean, uh, friendly competition. Yes. That's why it wasn't like 2003, when I just flat out stopped after a no writing weekend. But seeing Lisha's word count made me go "Oh. Well. I can so do that." bwaha. But, Nano is over. April Fools isn't until, ironically enough, April, and just RAWR.


I need to write.



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