Jan. 9th, 2005


Jan. 9th, 2005 02:34 pm
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Idina broke at least one rib after her fall yesterday. (For those who don't know...which will be, you know, everyone but Lisha ^_^...Idina Menzel, who plays Elphaba in Wicked, does a scene near the end of the musical where she melts. They pull out a screen and you see shadows of Dorothy throwing the water and Elphaba melting. Normally, Idina Menzel would step on a trap door and goes down an elevator to 'melt'. Yesterday during the matinee performance, which was her 3rd to last time as Elphie, the elevator had already done down two or three feet. Idina fell and threw herself to one side, hitting her side on the floor. They stopped the show and people heard her say things like "I can't breathe...I can't breathe..." and they called for doctors, and she was taken away on a stretcher, completely greenified still. They finished the last scene with her understudy. If Idina hadn't thrown herself to one side, she might be in critical condition.) She can't perform, not like that, so RIGHT NOW, Shoshana Bean, her standby, is doing what was to be Idina's final show. Shosh was originally going to join as the main actress of Elphaba on Tuesday, but Idina's last show for the moment turned out to be on Saturday. There are some majorly disappointed fans that flew in from all over to see her last show, but Idina is NOT going to leave then without a final goodbye. She didn't get to do bows on the 8th, but she WILL do it today. Broken rib and all, she will take her final bow in front of an audience that I'm sure is going to be completely and totally insane. I fully expect to hear the cheers clear from NYC when she walks out onto that stage.

Idina is loved by us all, and hopefully she will get to come back sometime later and have a proper send off. I was lucky to get to see her, yes, and there's some morbid fact that I really saw her 2nd to last full show instead of her 5th to last. But I don't care. I'm just glad Dee is healthy. And I applaud Shoshana, for being able to help the fans through this with her amahzing Elphaba, and the rest of the cast for being such troopers.

Idina's last stand in what may be her biggest, greatest role thus far.

The world will be cheering.



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