Jan. 7th, 2005

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*Floats around in a corner, staring out the window. Eyes the GIGANTIC 'Wicked' poster just outside of her room and sighs dreamily.*

I don't even think I actually happened. I....I don't believe it did. I can remember sitting there, grinning the entire time, and just...pieces. Idina's AMAZING BEYOND ALL BELIEF belting...her Defying Gravity belting was stronger than the OBCR. And she did so well. I heard she was having breathing issues, but she was great with it. And her 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIINNNNNN!' at the end of No Good Deed'...take the OBCR, and the time it takes her to say the full word...she spent on the first syllable. She drew it out and it was strong and incredible and I started shaking and AHHHHH! I just, my Dee was more amazing then I could ever imagine. Her voice was beyond believable, I never imagined someone could sound like that. Out of all her songs, The Wizard And I left me the least blown away. It still floored me, but she seemed shaky. Then just - snap! She turned up the heat. And I had binoculars, I used them whenI could focus on Dee and still see primary action...duets and solos and Defying Gravity. And Jessi, I don't care what you say...she was incredibly, INCREDIBLY, drop dead DAMN SEXY in green. She was so elegant and graceful and just...*melts.* I couldn't take my eyes off of her. And I kept a steady gaze on her during Defying Gravity, which brought me to tears. The 'it's MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!' was more than I ever imagined. I never thought it would make me shiver like that, it was just...oh my god. All of Dee's numbers were amazing. And Defying Gravity and No Good Deed were better than ever. Beautiful. Perfection.

Straying from Idina *lets out a low pitched whine...* Jennifer Laura Tompson (JLT) shocked me. I'm such a Cheno snob, but JLT went far past the legal adorable limit. Her facial expressions made me giggle constantly. And she has this whisper thing...when she would get excited she would whisper. And she would tilt her head ("And even in your case...*Takes off Elphie's glasses. Long, long pause. Head tilt. Puts them back on.*") and wrinkle her nose and and "Toss toss" she carried on for roughly two minutes. Twice with hands, then she just kept doing it over and over until you could hardly see it and she kept going and she got a far off look. Ahhh, so adorable. And she kicked Morribles ass at the end, she snapped and glared and IMITATED Carol. *Squishles JLT* Not my Cheno, but DEFF. in a close close second. I loved her, I'm sorry, I did. And her wand twirl = superb. OH OH! Tee hee. She's waving off down the yellow brick road..."Yeah, you just take that road ALL the way. Should take you there. Oh, I hope they find their way, I'm always bad at directions..." Tee hee.

Joey. Joey....surprised me. His voice is heavenly, and I would never expect that he's an old kid on the block. He's not as nummy as Fiyero should be, IMO...and the pants weren't quiiiite tight enough. But lovely, lovely voice and a nice actor. Oh, and NOW, during Dancing Through Life, Boq and Nessarose are in the corner with their line about the lemons and melons and pears (oh my!) and 'Uh, Nessa'....and Fiyero and Galinda are in the corner nuzzling and making out and touching and talking. Meh! Meh! It was actually cute. DTL was adorable due to the slight chemistry between Joey and JLT. And Yero was grand during ALAYM. So, I was happified by that,

Uhhh, Michelle was great, as always. She has such a rich, deep voice that I envy so. It's gorgeous. Her lovely lines..."You're going to lose your heart to me, I tell you!" and "Just the girl in the mirror! Just her and me! The wicked witch of the east...." made me so happy. I wish she had more songs. I love Michelle. The new Boq (I think, they haven't changed the playbill) was simply adorable! Love Chris, but Robb was great. George...meh. I like him. But. Just. Meh. I miss Joel. George has a deeper, beltish, operatic voice. I miss Joel. Buuut Wonderful was when Idina was at her absolute sexiest, IMO. Ah, sexy!

Carol was wonderful, as usual, and the ensamble had beautiful voices. Favorite numbers...god, I almost can't choose. I was running to the seats before the show started, because I was nervous, and I sat there and tembled as I stared at the stage, then the lights dimmed and Ozwald started doing is little dragon dance, and the music started...and I just grinned and laughed and cried. No One Mourns was beautiful. Wizard and I was just my Idina...What is this Feeling was CUTE CUTE! They took a LOOOOONG pause to stare at each other while trying to describe each other. And JLT's "Ahhhheagchhaa" groan instead of a scream at the end made me giggle. Dancing Through Life was lovely, and I finally got to see the Elphaba dance. She had to teach it to Galinda, it was really cute. Popular was GORGEROUS, and JLT was the definition of obscenely adorable, sitting on the edge of her bed and kicking her legs and playing with her dress. Yaay for teh cute! I'm Not That Girl happified me in reasons unknown, and One Short Day was a sensory overload of greeeeeeen. And Elphie/Glinda. The 'ga' is silent. Yes. It's an Elphie/Glinda number if I ever saw one. Defying Gravity was better than I ever thought it could be, and that's saying A LOT. Idina was gorgeous, JLT was gorgeous, the flying is making me tremble just thinking of it...ahhh I was in heaven. Thank Goodness was nicey nice, though nothing to celebrate (JLT's expressions! Her little nose wrinkle...squee) Wonderful was lovely for Idina, and the little dancing she did with George. Ummm, I'm Not That Girl Reprise broke my heart, but ALAYM was BEAUTIFUL. Simply beautiful. No Good Deed...better. Than. Ever. I have to say I was left shaking beyond control after that. It made me HAPPY. March Of The Witch Hunters sounded exactly like the OBCR, which was nice. For Good made me cry, and I heard Dee sniffle a few times. The finale is kind of a blur because I got antsey to run to the stage door, but it was pretty as well. I think Defying Gravity and No Good Deed must top my list. Lovely, lovely stuff. And the bows were cute, Idina and JLT stood and talked about donating to the tsunami thing, and they played around. Then I booted it, even though people in front of me were slow...

Stage dooring is the most amazing experiance! It was a blast! I wasn't even cold, there were so many people around me. I was in the 2nd/3rd row from the baracades, so I was kind of happy with that. I got autographs from everyone main except Carol and George. JLT was out first, she doesn't look like her Galinda! But she was such a doll, and Michelle signed my playbill toooo. Next out was Joey, who was much cuter than in the theatre, and I think Robb came out around that time too. Both were very nice with signing one woman's musicbook, Joey looked happified by it and Robb was just "Ahh it cloooosed! What do I do? What page do I sign?" cutness. ^_^ Then we waited. And waited. And WAITED. Then a guy came out and said Idina would sign anything, you could take as many pictures as you wished, but no tapping, touching or tugging at her, or you would be escorted away and Idina would leave. We all glared in warning at each other. Dee was quiet, she only really heard people in the front row but she smiled when we all would say things like "You were amazing!" and "We love you!" and she has the fasted little autograph. But yes, signed my playbill! SPAZORAMA! I don't have very good piccies of her, as Dad was all macho and decided to take my camera to try somewhere else, even though I could have gotten nice piccies when she came by. But I have a lovely picture of her hair and her nose. Yes. ^_^ But, you know what, I SAW MY DEE and got an auto! All I ever needed.

I was walking on a cloud back to the hotel. I still don't realize that my feet are killing me and I'm about to pass out. I'm so happy. God, this is incredible. I'm on a Wicked high! I must take people to see this now. Shoshana (who I actually pointed to as IDINA in the playbill when I didn't look at the name. They're very similar looking.) should be amazing, and everyone's replacements will do the roles good. So, even if you DON'T WANT TO SEE IT BECAUSE YOUR'RE CRAZY (not bitter, not bitter at alllll) I will make you go. It's too good. Just...too good.

And now I think I need sleep. We're doing stuff tomorrow and it's 2 in the morning. Sooo, yes. MWAH from NYC everyone, and tomorrow...I shall write Elphie/G(a)linda fanfic. Because the looks that were shared during the dancing in DTL...oh Galinda so fell in love with her right there. Doy.




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