Jan. 5th, 2005


Jan. 5th, 2005 02:08 pm
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Hmmmm, we got outta school early. *Is amused* Sitting there in gifted, watching Montel and the little closings at the bottom of the screen. We held onto some thread of hope that it would appear before we got an announcement...and it did. ^_^ We saw 'New Bloomfield R-III / Early Release' and set of a screaming chain reaction within the room, and then set off at runs down the hallway to alert every classroom. Fun, fun.

Hmm, hope the ice leaves the runways ALONE, though. We're gonna go into St. Louis tonight around 6, so we don't have to risk a gross drive on the way to the airport. Flight is around 10, I think. But mom said something about getting there at 2. 0.o Maddy thinks a 4 hour flight is NOT right! At the most I think from St. Louis to NYC, the flight is around 2 hours and 45 minutes. So who knows. Whoooo knoooowwwwssss...

Hotel check in, then I plan to, you know, spaz. My aunt is driving up for tomorrow and Friday, so that shall be fun, her and I can run wild through the streets. Or, not. But I still plan to do a little dance in Times Square, as is now my tradition. Ah, pictures! Anyone want me to try and get pictures of places around Times Square, SoHo or some of the theatres (Gershwin, Neil Simon and Nederlander are big ones for meeee) I need commenties. I'm doing stock photographs for http://www.nshc-studio.net so I need to get around to that, anyways.

We have dinner at 6, so we miss the lotto. Rawr. Mom said an HOUR AND A HALF dinner. Bah! No! I must see people pre-show! I shall still try, of course, and if the lotto isn't crazy I'll convince someone to try it with me, since it DOES start at 6 and we'd only be a little late to dinner. Tee hee. Wicked at 8 (*SPAZSPAZ*) and possibly some stage dooring, and Friday I think we're going to the Museum of Natural History and we have Hairspray that night. Mom wants to go Soho crazy on Saturday, but I told her there are two show times we can lotto for Sat as well. I'm trying my luck at RENT or Avenue Q if Wicked is too insane.

Ahhh, we come back early on Sunday. *Pout* Not fair. But at least I shall be there and see my Dee! *Squee!* I'm ever so happy. Didn't think I'd get the chance. Yayyay.

*Huggles to all* I might be online tonight via mom's laptop, and possibly a little in NYC to post spazattacks and starstruck reviews. Always fun, always fun. Buuuut if contact is needed, my mom's cell phone is 999-4757. I don't know about area codes...I think you may have to use 1-573, but you know cell phones suck. Yes.

*More hugs* Now....I shall pack




Jan. 5th, 2005 02:38 pm
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Well, icing I think.

*Glares and wills it to go away*

Snow when we're there...clog up the runways...GO INDIANA ON ME, SNOW! I want to stay in NYC!



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