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I felt like listing Drakie's theme song. At least that's who we assigned it to, right, Lish? Well it still works. I just need to download it...oh...wait...'The Who'...DAD! RECORDS! CONNECTION BEING MADE! LIGHT BULB GOING OFF!

(20 minutes later)

WOW. Awesome song. And of course Emi heard the acoustic guitar part and started listening...she was just overcome with joy when the electric guitar came in. Yeah, I'll be hearing the music to that for a bit. And she'll prolly end up changing the lyrics so she could sing it. She can sing it now, but well it's kinda weird, lol.

Oh, but yeah, 20 minutes cause we listened to the song on the record after that, then my sister showed up. Jesse rocks, she's very fun. I love my sister.

Oh, oh this morning was kinda funny. I guess I had a dream about the muses, but the only part I remembered was there was something about Amit and Morca. And then while I stared at the ceiling for two hours when I woke up, I tried to set up a time line for them. It ends up being kinda annoying, so I have to either make her a year younger or a year older, cause well she'd have the twins when she's 15...I think, I didn't put birthdays into play, but well yeah that annoyed me. But, anyways, Morca was awake, so she starts muttering to herself...

"Well either way, it's all going to be the same. And I'm just gonna be one of the many girls the god damn son of a bitch is sleeping with. I'm just the only one that's pregnant at the time, and the only one that gives a shit about him, so I get him to...oh hell, I dunno if he ever loved me at all, he just thought I was hot. And what a show he put on, though, pretending to care about Emi and Jason. That bastard. I fought him but somehow he'd figure out how to get to me so I'd wake up with bruises. Thank god he never hurt the kids though, he'd be dead right now if he had. Ugh, I hate him. Now I'm all pissed off just because of him. Fuck Amit, I'm going outside."

And then she kinda stormed off. I could almost picture her lighting a cigarette or something before that, if, you know, Morca smoked much. (For about a year as a slave (before Amit), she did when she could. She quit, but every so often, as in maybe a few times at year, she'll get a really nasty kick and she has a few, but she hasn't even done that since April.) Emily and Jason were kinda nearby, so they both looked uneasy. That's what Morca does when she gets worked up, she doesn't realize who is nearby. But Emi found her later and talked a little bit and gave her a hug...and then they worked together to hunt down Jason and tackle him into a hug. Morca feels much better now, Emi is happy that she's happy, and Jason can't fix his hair cause the girls messed it up, but otherwise he's fine too. It's all good and HIGHLY amusing.

Ahh, I might write some, uh, select relationships now. Or take a song from this NaNo thread (What Song Could You Write A Novel About) and write a short story. But anyways...



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