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Yes, like three days later I have a new layout. It's quite sad. But I didn't make any of it, which is even worse. I'm also trying to get another icon...I'll get around to making a layout myself...maybe after I actually watch the show. I might go get it tomorrow or Sunday, which means, 'YAY!'

I have to ditch FRIENDS until I have more money, though. I have $75 dollars, enough for Buffy season 5 and then most of another DVD set. I could get FRIENDS Season 5, Angel Season 1, or Firefly. And, well, I know what happens in FRIENDS, plus Jessi has that season, I can steal from her, and I can see Angel sooner or later in syndication. Firefly is the logical choice.

*Hugs her CDs* I'm living on The Spirit Room and Dixie Chicks Live. I'm kinda pathetic. But I shut them off to watch 'Beer Bad' and the 'Wild At Heart' commentary. Be proud. lol.

Hmm...I'm still in a Morca/Amit mood...*Toddles off to maybe make time lines. Everyone go 'ooooo, ahhhhh'*

perididdle: (Default)'s not right, it's all sunny and green. No snow. Grr. But anyways, whole family, makes things better. And presents...what did everyone else get? I'll see if I can remember what I got...

A DVD Player for in the basement

Seabiscuit DVD/Book package

Seabiscuit 'The Lost Documentary'

Michelle Branch : The Spirit Room (*Hugs her aunt* YAY YAY YAY! YOU ROCK!)

Snoopy's Guide to Writing Life (*More hugs for her aunt*)

A horse puppet thing


The Friends Trivia Game (Another copy, but newer and kinda different)

A Kite (Yeah, dorky, but from Tony. Who rocks, and it was for this...)

An aerial camera you put to a kite or something to take pictures from the air.

Dixie Chicks live CD

Ellen DeGeneres 'Taste This' CD

Black Beauty DVD

Drawing Horses

And a few smaller things that I can't really remember. No BUFFY. Or FRIENDS. But I have enough money for one of those and half of the other, so I'm good, and I can watch it down here in the basement. Yay, yay, yay. Fave present...*Glomps her Michelle Branch CD* that or Seabiscuit, prolly. And I'll be happy bout the DVD machine, fine. Lol

Ahh, good Christmas.



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