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I somehow stumbled upon an old chapter of the story that essentially planted most of what makes up me - somehow my weird little adventure into some characters I'd created on a whim brought me to a lifelong friend and also ten million annoyances who still talk actively to this day. After a really intense night, I ended up getting a bit wrapped up in what is literally the first spark of a personal history where I can start to see things fall into place.

Unfortunately, said spark is wrapped up around a prose story that I took very, very seriously.

I had fun snarking at myself and my characters for a little bit.

Chapter 14
Hawk had turned away about fifteen minuets ago, and Trisha hadn’t been able to stop him.
Minuets? Those things last a while. Trish probably should have at least sat down for a while.

Drake's first goal upon Morca, Amit, Hawk, etc. leaving is to basically sex Trish up. I mean that's what he does in Morca/Drake AUs when just Amit leaves, but come on man, self control.

Wherein Trish is a hypocrite. Other stuff happens, but that's really the most important part, isn't it? )
And now I am sleepy so I will stop, but maybe I'll go back to the beginning. I'm sure THAT is another sort of funny entirely...


Dec. 27th, 2003 01:51 pm
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Yes, I'm hoping this layout starts working. I had to go back and scrap the over rides and work them out by hand. No copy paste, no, cause that didn't work. Ugh. If this doesn't work, leave a comment or something.

But anyways, I got to use my new icon. Yay. I found it in a Firefly icon journal. Woots! It's fun.

I might get to go get Buffy season 5 and Firefly today. And Jessi will probably come over for New Years Eve and New Years, bringing FRIENDS Season 5, Lion King movies, other weird DVDs like that. Yayrah. Jessi amuses me greatly.

I dunno what else to talk about. I just NEEDED to post here cause it felt like something was wrong. It was kinda weird.

Hmm...*hugs Catty* she's starting to worry about Sevvie, though she doesn't know why he's been all quiet lately. She's probably going to hang out at the house a lot today so she can try and be around him as much as she can. She lurves our Sevvie and wants to see if he's okay. Damn muses.

*Also hugs the new horsie* STILL no name. But he has a really pretty English trot when Catty gets up on him under English tack. She was gonna just walk him a lot, but she finally made him do a posting trot and canter around the arena a few times each direction. Pretty horsie.

I have to get ready for a party thing being held my my parent's friends. But it's Carolyn and Scott (not Scot, Mr. BuffyAngelFireflyMST3k cool obsession guy), and they let me watch DVDs and play on the computer and they're just all around cool. So I'll be good. And if I can find it, I'll prolly get to wear my fun red/pink/white striped, button-up oxford shirt with black pants and my BOOTS. YAY YAY YAY RAH!

Whoa. Scary 'I love clothes and my 3 inch heel boots' moment. *Shudders*

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Yes, like three days later I have a new layout. It's quite sad. But I didn't make any of it, which is even worse. I'm also trying to get another icon...I'll get around to making a layout myself...maybe after I actually watch the show. I might go get it tomorrow or Sunday, which means, 'YAY!'

I have to ditch FRIENDS until I have more money, though. I have $75 dollars, enough for Buffy season 5 and then most of another DVD set. I could get FRIENDS Season 5, Angel Season 1, or Firefly. And, well, I know what happens in FRIENDS, plus Jessi has that season, I can steal from her, and I can see Angel sooner or later in syndication. Firefly is the logical choice.

*Hugs her CDs* I'm living on The Spirit Room and Dixie Chicks Live. I'm kinda pathetic. But I shut them off to watch 'Beer Bad' and the 'Wild At Heart' commentary. Be proud. lol.

Hmm...I'm still in a Morca/Amit mood...*Toddles off to maybe make time lines. Everyone go 'ooooo, ahhhhh'*

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BehindBlueEyes )

I felt like listing Drakie's theme song. At least that's who we assigned it to, right, Lish? Well it still works. I just need to download it...oh...wait...'The Who'...DAD! RECORDS! CONNECTION BEING MADE! LIGHT BULB GOING OFF!

(20 minutes later)

WOW. Awesome song. And of course Emi heard the acoustic guitar part and started listening...she was just overcome with joy when the electric guitar came in. Yeah, I'll be hearing the music to that for a bit. And she'll prolly end up changing the lyrics so she could sing it. She can sing it now, but well it's kinda weird, lol.

Oh, but yeah, 20 minutes cause we listened to the song on the record after that, then my sister showed up. Jesse rocks, she's very fun. I love my sister.

Oh, oh this morning was kinda funny. I guess I had a dream about the muses, but the only part I remembered was there was something about Amit and Morca. And then while I stared at the ceiling for two hours when I woke up, I tried to set up a time line for them. It ends up being kinda annoying, so I have to either make her a year younger or a year older, cause well she'd have the twins when she's 15...I think, I didn't put birthdays into play, but well yeah that annoyed me. But, anyways, Morca was awake, so she starts muttering to herself...

"Well either way, it's all going to be the same. And I'm just gonna be one of the many girls the god damn son of a bitch is sleeping with. I'm just the only one that's pregnant at the time, and the only one that gives a shit about him, so I get him to...oh hell, I dunno if he ever loved me at all, he just thought I was hot. And what a show he put on, though, pretending to care about Emi and Jason. That bastard. I fought him but somehow he'd figure out how to get to me so I'd wake up with bruises. Thank god he never hurt the kids though, he'd be dead right now if he had. Ugh, I hate him. Now I'm all pissed off just because of him. Fuck Amit, I'm going outside."

And then she kinda stormed off. I could almost picture her lighting a cigarette or something before that, if, you know, Morca smoked much. (For about a year as a slave (before Amit), she did when she could. She quit, but every so often, as in maybe a few times at year, she'll get a really nasty kick and she has a few, but she hasn't even done that since April.) Emily and Jason were kinda nearby, so they both looked uneasy. That's what Morca does when she gets worked up, she doesn't realize who is nearby. But Emi found her later and talked a little bit and gave her a hug...and then they worked together to hunt down Jason and tackle him into a hug. Morca feels much better now, Emi is happy that she's happy, and Jason can't fix his hair cause the girls messed it up, but otherwise he's fine too. It's all good and HIGHLY amusing.

Ahh, I might write some, uh, select relationships now. Or take a song from this NaNo thread (What Song Could You Write A Novel About) and write a short story. But anyways...

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LISHA HAS LEFT. I KNOW IT. *Is sad* But I got to open a Christmas present, and it's Finding Nemo on DVD. Bwaha.

Hmmm THERE'S NOTHING TO DO. NO LISHA. NO JEN. NO KELLY. There is a Jessi on the phone, but that's it. *<---That was Jessi should feel special comment*

Oh, but now there is a Kelly. Yay.

I think I just scared Jessi. Bwa. Bwahaha. Fun, fun.

I logged online and saw Jen's SN and I'm very happy for her. And I get to go to New York City. She get's Las Vegas and I get NYC. Very fun.

Hmm I have nothing else to say...cept my muses are skating on the lake at the House. Yes, it's cold there. And snowy. It different here, but the muses can have any weather they want. Grr. And how in the world is it not dark there...*Sigh*

Merry Christmas all!


New layout

Dec. 24th, 2003 01:39 pm
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I finally got this to work...I think. I love muh Bummer boy so, so much. I dunno if I like the rest of the layout, but I like the background well enough. And the icon.

I made Jen a 'Bowie' icon cause she didn't have one. Methinks she's happy. Yay.

I have to go get Christmas presents today. Gah, aren't I pathetic? Yep. My muses mostly have their presents, but, again, I know NOTHING. Why do you know what your muses have, Lishas? Mine are really evil, I guess.

*Sev can't see this, by the way* Catty got Sevvie a drum set. Yeah, Icy kinda bowed out and let Cat be the only person that gift was from. She's really being good lately. I wonder what she's getting Sev instead, cause she's told me many times that she's not telling him that she wrote the letter. Snaps for Icy.

I think I'm getting addicted to this journal already. It's great fun. I'm also getting addicted to the part where I rant about the new horsie. Catty rode him in Western tack today off the lunge line, with Emi riding Trooper nearby just in case. The new horse (who STILL needs a name, Cat's just says 'Hey, buddy' right now) was a bit skittish and he gawked around, but near the end he was pretty good. Just walking and trotting, and then Emi and Cat traded horses for a bit, so Emily jog trotted him on one end of the arena place, and Catty jumped Trooper on the other half. I think they were two, two 1/2 foot jumps, so it was nothing big, and she went over the a single three times and a double twice. Think she just needed to fill her English fix for the day.

I'm in love with this song, dangit...

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Owww. I'm gonna hurt tomorrow. Really bad day of jumping...first Bummer would just duck to the left, then right, then left...and he killed a bucket and a PVC pipe. Three times. Finally got him over it, but took a looong while.

Mmm, and I was COLD. But now I'm here where the fire is and it's all warm, and I have Whose Line, and they're playing Greatest Hits of the International Spy. *Giggle*

Catty lunged her new horsie a bit today, and since he did so well, she put a western saddle on him and asked Morca to keep hold of the lunge line in the center and then she climbed up. A day early, but she just walked, trotted, and loped about once around, then turned around and did it again. Her horsie was a perfect gentleman, aside from snorting and kicking just a tad when she first got up. Then he settled and went well enough, and they got him trotting faster to see his English gates. SO PRETTY. Damn, Cat can really pick out horses.

Colin: "Hey, Ryan, when you hear 'license to kill', what do you think of?"

Ryan: "My ex-wife!"

Ahh I might post later, if I write somethin, but for now, toodles...



Dec. 22nd, 2003 09:46 am
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*Yawns again*

I have horseback riding today, around 2 if it doesn't rain and/or snow. But instead of me and Kelsey putting English saddles onto our horses and learn from Mona, there are gonna be as many students as we can have without sharing horses, and we're all prolly gonna put on Western saddles and play games for two hours. Then we’re gonna have a little Christmas party until about 6, but it’s mostly about the games, lol.

Rants )

Ahh, most of this is a pointless rant to myself, which is why there’s the cut. Go there if you wanna read the whole thing.

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Hmmmsies...No Lisha. No...*looks* no no one. Weird.

I made a fun, kinda simple background with...well...ferrets. It's just kinda cute and supports my new obsession over the lil' furry critters, but sadly enough I think LJ hates me. And it's not working. Grr argh.

Wells, since I have nothing to do, I'll prolly get around to some writing. I watched season 2, episodes 'Lie to Me' and 'The Dark Age', and now keep seeing Psyche and Jason having the same exchange as Jenny and Giles.

"Did anyone ever tell you that you're a fuddy-duddy?"
"I seems to be all they ever say."
"...Did anyone ever tell you that you're a sexy fuddy-duddy?"
"Well, no, they always seem to leave that part out."

And so on and so forth. IT'S SO CUTE. Too bad that episode is all depressing. But oddly enough I'm not in the mood to write Psyche/Jason. Dunno what I'll write then...maybe some Alexandra/Christopher, or Meria/Ripper. Yeah I'm in a very relationshipy mood. OH! Josie/Seth. Or...hmm...I'll get killed for it...but Josie/Flame is so much fun.

Watch, I'll get confused and mush them all together. Yes, I can see it...Meria/Psyche and Christopher/Ripper. *Giggles*

Ooooh, I could also write some Fi/ okay this is gonna be really scary.

Catty bought some really fun hair dye and then realized she was being stalked by Ice. They snapped at each other and then Icy, who has, err, found the one present for Sev, asked if Catty wanted part in buying a drumset as another one. Odd. Ice has enough money to get one for Sevvie herself, and I think Catty would be able to manage. Plus, there's the whole 'grr, get away, grr, I hate you...grr' thing going on. It's kinda frightening.

My other muses are slowly figuring out what they're gonna buy for each other. Sadly enough I don't know what the heck they're buying. And don't expect me to know come Christmas time. That's real depressing.



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