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I somehow stumbled upon an old chapter of the story that essentially planted most of what makes up me - somehow my weird little adventure into some characters I'd created on a whim brought me to a lifelong friend and also ten million annoyances who still talk actively to this day. After a really intense night, I ended up getting a bit wrapped up in what is literally the first spark of a personal history where I can start to see things fall into place.

Unfortunately, said spark is wrapped up around a prose story that I took very, very seriously.

I had fun snarking at myself and my characters for a little bit.

Chapter 14
Hawk had turned away about fifteen minuets ago, and Trisha hadn’t been able to stop him.
Minuets? Those things last a while. Trish probably should have at least sat down for a while.

Drake's first goal upon Morca, Amit, Hawk, etc. leaving is to basically sex Trish up. I mean that's what he does in Morca/Drake AUs when just Amit leaves, but come on man, self control.

Wherein Trish is a hypocrite. Other stuff happens, but that's really the most important part, isn't it? )
And now I am sleepy so I will stop, but maybe I'll go back to the beginning. I'm sure THAT is another sort of funny entirely...
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Ahh, I'm feeling much better. Sushi was eaten today. Yum.

I've been watching Buffy pretty much all day, even though I'm still only on the 3rd ep of Firefly. But I'm on the second disk of Buffy, and I can watch it while still doing other things. So, yeah.

Awww, poor Giles. The shop isn't an uber instant hit. Ahh, I'd be the first on in line to go inside and look. Hmm, yes, I would be. Wicca.

*Giggles* I've done that hand over fist thing before. Oh, and I've tried to shake a stick at something and all that jazz.


Oh, okay, calming down. I have horseback lessons tonight, so I ish hoping Lisha will be on before then or when I get home. Where oh where has my Lisha gone?

Hmm, till then, I have 'No Place Like Home' and and then 'Family'....I lurve Family. Dunno why.



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