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Ahh, I'm feeling much better. Sushi was eaten today. Yum.

I've been watching Buffy pretty much all day, even though I'm still only on the 3rd ep of Firefly. But I'm on the second disk of Buffy, and I can watch it while still doing other things. So, yeah.

Awww, poor Giles. The shop isn't an uber instant hit. Ahh, I'd be the first on in line to go inside and look. Hmm, yes, I would be. Wicca.

*Giggles* I've done that hand over fist thing before. Oh, and I've tried to shake a stick at something and all that jazz.


Oh, okay, calming down. I have horseback lessons tonight, so I ish hoping Lisha will be on before then or when I get home. Where oh where has my Lisha gone?

Hmm, till then, I have 'No Place Like Home' and and then 'Family'....I lurve Family. Dunno why.



Dec. 28th, 2003 05:36 pm
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It was about $93 mom paid for $18 of it. I love my mummy dearest.

I love the way Firefly is packaged, tis so much fun. I'm watching Serenity right now, very beginning, and, err, is it okay that I'm just the tiny bit lost? Just a tiny bit.

I'll watch all of this first, then get started on Buffy. Yay, yay, yay rah.


"We are just too pretty for God to let us die."


Dec. 27th, 2003 01:51 pm
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Yes, I'm hoping this layout starts working. I had to go back and scrap the over rides and work them out by hand. No copy paste, no, cause that didn't work. Ugh. If this doesn't work, leave a comment or something.

But anyways, I got to use my new icon. Yay. I found it in a Firefly icon journal. Woots! It's fun.

I might get to go get Buffy season 5 and Firefly today. And Jessi will probably come over for New Years Eve and New Years, bringing FRIENDS Season 5, Lion King movies, other weird DVDs like that. Yayrah. Jessi amuses me greatly.

I dunno what else to talk about. I just NEEDED to post here cause it felt like something was wrong. It was kinda weird.

Hmm...*hugs Catty* she's starting to worry about Sevvie, though she doesn't know why he's been all quiet lately. She's probably going to hang out at the house a lot today so she can try and be around him as much as she can. She lurves our Sevvie and wants to see if he's okay. Damn muses.

*Also hugs the new horsie* STILL no name. But he has a really pretty English trot when Catty gets up on him under English tack. She was gonna just walk him a lot, but she finally made him do a posting trot and canter around the arena a few times each direction. Pretty horsie.

I have to get ready for a party thing being held my my parent's friends. But it's Carolyn and Scott (not Scot, Mr. BuffyAngelFireflyMST3k cool obsession guy), and they let me watch DVDs and play on the computer and they're just all around cool. So I'll be good. And if I can find it, I'll prolly get to wear my fun red/pink/white striped, button-up oxford shirt with black pants and my BOOTS. YAY YAY YAY RAH!

Whoa. Scary 'I love clothes and my 3 inch heel boots' moment. *Shudders*

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Yes, like three days later I have a new layout. It's quite sad. But I didn't make any of it, which is even worse. I'm also trying to get another icon...I'll get around to making a layout myself...maybe after I actually watch the show. I might go get it tomorrow or Sunday, which means, 'YAY!'

I have to ditch FRIENDS until I have more money, though. I have $75 dollars, enough for Buffy season 5 and then most of another DVD set. I could get FRIENDS Season 5, Angel Season 1, or Firefly. And, well, I know what happens in FRIENDS, plus Jessi has that season, I can steal from her, and I can see Angel sooner or later in syndication. Firefly is the logical choice.

*Hugs her CDs* I'm living on The Spirit Room and Dixie Chicks Live. I'm kinda pathetic. But I shut them off to watch 'Beer Bad' and the 'Wild At Heart' commentary. Be proud. lol.

Hmm...I'm still in a Morca/Amit mood...*Toddles off to maybe make time lines. Everyone go 'ooooo, ahhhhh'*

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Hmmmsies...No Lisha. No...*looks* no no one. Weird.

I made a fun, kinda simple background with...well...ferrets. It's just kinda cute and supports my new obsession over the lil' furry critters, but sadly enough I think LJ hates me. And it's not working. Grr argh.

Wells, since I have nothing to do, I'll prolly get around to some writing. I watched season 2, episodes 'Lie to Me' and 'The Dark Age', and now keep seeing Psyche and Jason having the same exchange as Jenny and Giles.

"Did anyone ever tell you that you're a fuddy-duddy?"
"I seems to be all they ever say."
"...Did anyone ever tell you that you're a sexy fuddy-duddy?"
"Well, no, they always seem to leave that part out."

And so on and so forth. IT'S SO CUTE. Too bad that episode is all depressing. But oddly enough I'm not in the mood to write Psyche/Jason. Dunno what I'll write then...maybe some Alexandra/Christopher, or Meria/Ripper. Yeah I'm in a very relationshipy mood. OH! Josie/Seth. Or...hmm...I'll get killed for it...but Josie/Flame is so much fun.

Watch, I'll get confused and mush them all together. Yes, I can see it...Meria/Psyche and Christopher/Ripper. *Giggles*

Ooooh, I could also write some Fi/ okay this is gonna be really scary.

Catty bought some really fun hair dye and then realized she was being stalked by Ice. They snapped at each other and then Icy, who has, err, found the one present for Sev, asked if Catty wanted part in buying a drumset as another one. Odd. Ice has enough money to get one for Sevvie herself, and I think Catty would be able to manage. Plus, there's the whole 'grr, get away, grr, I hate you...grr' thing going on. It's kinda frightening.

My other muses are slowly figuring out what they're gonna buy for each other. Sadly enough I don't know what the heck they're buying. And don't expect me to know come Christmas time. That's real depressing.



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