Apr. 3rd, 2005

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My So Weird obsession is slowly raising itself up from the dead. I never watched this show when it originally aired...I think I was too young to understand it, I was a Nickelodeon kid, and I just didn't turn to it. But I think my first summer of talking on the lovely MSN with Lisha...I would be up at, like, two AM and it would come on Disney, and I began watching it. And I fell in love. I just couldn't help myself. I loved the characters, the stories, the music...gah. They stopped playing it, even at like 4 AM...sadness...but here's hoping it makes it to DVD, or someone has all the episodes on tape...

But, annyways, I dug up the songs I downloaded. Yay! My absolute favorite song like, ever, is from So Weird...

The Rock )

*Glings to The Rock* It's gorgeous. Just...gah, gorgeous. I want to see that episode so badly, now.

And I remember Jewel being in the Siren episode. Faintly, because I don't much remember the Siren ep much, but yes, I remember her. And that happifies me.

*Pets her poor So Weird* I wish I could find the few episodes I had on tape...the one where Annie comes...well Fi's last episode...I want to watch it now...


One In A Million World )
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So Weird tvtome thread, started by one of the most vocal and in-the-know fans....

"Jon Cooksey informed me this morning that Disney has bought the rights to So Weird again, for another five years, probably so they can release it on DVD. This means they will probably put it back on TV to ensure the DVD sales will go well."


Not something big and official, like Disney announcing 'Oh, yeah, the DVDs, TAKE THEM NOW' which would be GORGEOUS...but damnit...they're releasing other shows/movies on DVD and So Weird deserves it. Though, if it came down to 'New Episodes' (which would never happen, but I can dream) and DVDs...I could so see the entire fanbase screaming in joy...yes, yes I can.

*Thinks* New eppies of So Weird...now wouldn't that be nifty. I think I'm the only person in the entire fanbase that didn't much mind Annie. I mean, Fi was the best, she will ALWAYS be the best, and no one could completely replace her (*mutters about Cara moving on*), but I did like Annie. She was fun, she could sing, and her first episode was FANTASTIC. It was also Fi's last, and and the will 'o the wisp and LITTLE DUCK and the ring and AHH. I loved that episode, so therefore I think I associate Annie with that. I also associate Annie with Jack. Stupid kids never realized anything, did they...see Fi never much had people to pine over, so Annie and Jack was amusing.

Oh, but yeah. I think I couldn't care either way if it was Cara or Alexz that returned...Fi and Annie together would be the best, Fi would be awesome, Annie would be cool too...not picky, I would just want the show back. Not gonna happen, in fact it's dead set that it won't (Disney puts a stupid 65 episode limit on all their shows to save money and I guess good press, and So Weird met that in its 3rd season.) but a fan can dream...

Yes, my obsession has been renewed. I'm clinging to the five songs I have and I'm planning on downloading my favorite other ones. And I'm running around madly on the fansites (*glomps Cory, who has been around since the beginning, and sooo isn't going anywhere soon*) and having general fun time. Yesh. YAY FOR SO WEIRD.



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