Apr. 2nd, 2005

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01. Post a list of 10 TV shows you watch/ed.
02. Have your friends list guess your favourite character and couple from each show.
03. When someone guesses your favourite character, bold the title. Favourite ship, italicize.
04. When guessed, tell us why you like that character/couple.

1. Buffy

Character - Tara. She was just...I don't know. She was different. Her character arc was AMAZING, from this quiet girl to a girl who could sooo kick your ass. She truly cared for Willow, but was the only character in a relationship that was smart enough to get out when she felt things couldn't be helped. Plus? She's just preeetttyyyy...

Relationship 1 - SPUFFY! Don't we all love them? They're pretty, and yeah, Buffy was stupid, Spike wasn't much better, but he always loved her. He got a soul for her. She...well she did nothing for him. That's why we hate her. But we loooove Spuffy.

Relationship 2 - Everyone do the dance of Tillow love. They were probably the most adorable thing in the history of ever. They were quite the metaphore for the LONGEST time, then well, what can I say, Tara floats Willows boat. Even when Tara left I felt the pairing was still good...because Tara was doing what she needed to do...and then they had coffee and things were HAPPY again!

2. Firefly (One more character left)

I'm quite tempted to say I have two favorite characters...and you know what...I do...SOOO!

Character - Mal...no, not because he's hot in those tightpants, though you gotta admit, they aren't bad for him at all. He lost his faith in everything, and it made him the most bitter, sarcastic person you'd ever meet, but he manages to be the biggest softie you'll meet when it comes to some (aww, Kaylee...) He's somewhat stupid, but he knows when he screws up and he'll find a way to fix it, even if it does involve guns or wobbly headed geisha dolls. And he's just going to kick your ass.

Relationship - Mal/Inara. I mean, COME ON, just MAKE OUT ALREADY! They both love each other...it's painfully obvious in Our Mrs. Reynolds for Inara, and Heart of Gold for Mal. The fact that they can't be together makes the whole think annoying...Inara can't let a relationship conflict her job, and Mal can't accept the path she's chosen. But damnit, they're just going to do it. Like, right now. In the movie, it's gonna happen.

3. Alias

Character - Marshall....why? Because he can kick. Your. Ass. And he speaks German. And he has a BABY. And his name is Black Kitty. He's just love all around.

Relationship - Sarkeny, because well, it's just pretty. And Lisha explained it pretty well in hers.


Character - How can you NOT love Phoebe? She's ditzy, way out there, and she says what's on her mind. She talks like me, dances like me, and I'm afraid to say thinks like me. She likes to stay out of conflict, but when it comes about, she can sooo beat you down.

Relationship - LOBSTERS. Obviously. Duh. They were meant for each other since Ross pined after her in high school. And they loved each other, and they're meant for each other...why? Ross whines, and Rachel bitches. What can I say, individually I don't much like them. But together, they're perfect. They got married, and dude, when you're drunk the truth comes out. Plus, Emma brought them closer together, and in the end, RACHEL GOT OFF THE PLANE. Oh, and? I have the urge to yell this, even though I'm usually on Rachel's side......THEY WERE ON A BREAK!

5. Scrubs
6. The L Word (Still need character)

Relationship - I'm gonna give Lisha this one, 'cause it's close enough. Dana and Alice. DALICE. They're adorable, and they obviously like each other despite the multiple imperfections they've pointed out to each other. They're complete perfection. And Tonya = evil.

7. Angel (Still need relationship)

Character - Illyria...the smurf...gotta love her. She's completely lost in her new world, and has no idea why she can't have things the way she's used to. She eventually adapts to the side she's been forced to, and goes all insano with her destruction...but damn, she loves it. And watching her try, though quite stupidly, to help Wes...well, it's heartbreaking. And I love it.

8. Boy Meets World (Still need character and one relationship)

Relationship 1 - Awwwwww, Cory/Topanga. LOVE THEM. LOVE THEM NOW. They've been in love since the age of two...and I mean, if you don't love them as adults, you have to love them as four year olds, when Cory falls into the llama pen. And through all the ups and downs, they stuck by each other...and just...they're cute.

9. The 10th Kingdom

Character - Wolfie...just 'cause he's adorable.

Relationship - Wolfie/Virginia...because they want each other...and now. And through all the odd things he did, she couldn't help but lust after him, oh no. And he knew they were going to be together...his wolfie intuition told him so...and the singing ring! And sex in the woods. Yes. Wolfie/Virigina is grand.

10. So Weird (BAHAHAHA. If anyone here even knows character names I'm going to love you forever. And here is me begging for So Weird fans...I miss my show....)

AND AND AND! I'm gonna nab another meme...similar to above, but you figure out my favorite songs in MUSICALS. (Lisha had fun and chose relationships instead of songs...so now doing both)

1. RENT (songs/two are tied) Mark/Joanne...because DAMNIT, it's there! Vibes!
2. Wicked (songs/two are tied) Elyero...because they deserve each other...and he loves her despite her outward appearance, and even when she takes that hardheaded approach that the rest of Oz mistakes as wickedness, he still loves her. Hell, she changes him, and he still loves her. And she just thinks he's hawt stuff. So, meant to be. But Elinda, meanwhile...best friends...and they already care for each other...maybe it didn't happen past the end of the musical, but in between acts one and two. Yes.
3. Bare
4. Tick, Tick...BOOM
5. Hairspray (songs/two are tied)
6. The Lion King
7. Cats (songs/three are tied)
8. Mary Poppins - MARY/BERT. 'Cause they waaaannnttt each other. Jolly Holiday is Bary love.
9. Rogers & Hammerstein's Cinderella - I think that is just you, Lisha sweetie.
10. Once More, With Feeling - Spuffy. But of course.

And on the musical one...if you want you can try to guess my favorites from The Boy From Oz, Moulin Rouge and Chicago. More than one for Chicago. ^_^

*Hops around*



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