Mar. 28th, 2005

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I'm sitting here...trying to write kind of a mini character bio for Trishy so I can get a poem from nshc for her. And I realize after 20 minutes of typing that she's just...really stupid. And very complex. And that I'm about 430 words in (my Nanoers will appreciate how large that actually kind of is) and I've JUST gotten to her falling for Hawk. Dear god. Plus I'm half-asleep, and as I read over the whole thing, it just makes me laugh.

'This character's name is Trisha Evans, and she's about 18 or 19 in this instance. She spent part of her childhood in a bandit clan, but when she was about 5 or 6, the clan was attacked and a good number of the adults killed...along with her parents, so she was left to fend for herself and her little sister. Yet not long after, her older brother found her and sold her into slavery. She spent many years there, hating every last bitter moment. She deeply resented her older brother for what he'd done, and when she came face-to-face with a girl that she thought sold the clan out to it's attacker, she attempted to murder her. Not knowing she had failed, the experience simply made her colder and more distant. It didn't help that as she grew older, she was getting sleazy looks and every day things seemed to get more and more dangerous. After a particularly bad encounter with a master and his whip, she is sold to a man by the name of Draken Casmanien. He basically treats her like no man has in years - like she's a human being, not an object. Though that is slightly unnerving, Trish slowly grows fond of him, and then just flat out falls for him. Being the idiot that she is, it takes her far too long to realize this, but once she does things are quite happy. Until she wakes up one morning, with nothing but an empty house and a note. Infuriated, Trish goes into deep denial mode and runs off to make her own way. It doesn't take her long to realize she's not quite cut out for surviving on the streets through the cold winter, and she's also found herself quite pregnant with a child that Draken knows nothing about. Trish finds refuge with two nurses, and while she's safe there, the pain of giving up her child is too much to stay. So, once again, she runs off, this time to join a gang and start a small relationship with the leader. She's barely there for a few months when one of her old friends from her clan days finds her and brings her back. For three years, Trish is happy, living among her old friends and the few family members she has left. During one of her (rather common) bouts in prison, Trish falls for the sheriff's brother (in case you haven't noticed, the girl is quick to fall for just about anything that breathes...she's quite stupid, actually...never listens to a word I say)'

Then I stopped. Because, oh my god. Even just covering to the point where William is born would take me at least 200 words. *Hits Trisha*

(*Jumps awake and slaps Maddy*)


(*Blinks* You woke me up first,'s a reflex)

Your life is too complex.

(*Raises an eyebrow*)

Go back to sleep.

(*Wanders further within Maddy's mind, so she can avoid getting randomly hit*)

Though now I have the urge to continue on and be as bitter and sarcastic as possible. *Shakes head* And you know I still don't know all the details of the Drakie leaving, so I just kind of made up the thing about the note. Did he leave a note? Or did he tell her? At all? Hmm.

I'm quite sleepy. Bed would be a nice option. Knowing me, on my last day of staying up late, I won't. I should try to do a Trisha bio made up mostly of personality parts. Gah.


EDIT - -_- *headdesk* My final order bio )
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Stupid Maddy....watching The Gift....and Anya is ranting and Xander holds up the ring and I go "Awww, so cu-WAIT, NO, DON'T DO IT!"

And I do it three more times. But, I mean, it's so cute!

Anya: No, no, it's an omen. It's a higher power, trying to tell me through bunnies that we're all gonna die. Oh god.
Xander: No it's not. It's okay.
Anya: No, you see, usually when there's an apocalypse, I skedaddle. But now I love you so much that instead I have inappropriately timed sex and try to think of ways to fight a god...and worry terribly that something might happen to you. And also worry that something'll happen to me. And then I have guilt that I'm not more worried about everyone else, but I just don't have enough! I'm just on total overload, and I honestly don't think that I could be more nervous than I am right now.
Xander: Care to wager on that? (Lifts his hand into the shot to reveal a little box with a ring)
Xander: wanna marry me? (Anya stares and then slaps him) Can I take that as a "maybe"?
Anya: You're proposing to me!
Xander: Yes...
Anya: You're proposing to me 'cause we're gonna die! And you think it's romantic and sexy and, and you know you're not gonna have to go through with it 'cause the world's gonna end!
Xander: I'm proposing to you, Anya, because it's not.
Anya: You can't know that.
Xander: I believe it. I think we're gonna get through this. I think I'm gonna live a long ... and silly life, and I'm not interested in doing that without you around.
Anya: Oh. Okay.
Xander: Okay?
Anya: Yes. I mean, yes. (Xander starts to take out the ring.) No.
Xander: No?
Anya: After. Give it to me when the world doesn't end.

Stupid XANDER...RUINING IT ALL. Season 6 was EVIL.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch the rest of The Gift, 'ooo' and 'aah' at how pretty it's shot, and then cry. A lot.



Mar. 28th, 2005 02:53 pm
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I have at least two Veronica Mars fans here on my flist...and one already prolly knows...but, oh well.

TWOP's Now Or Never stuff is teh awesome. *Clings to her Rambaldi's t-shirt*

EEDDIITT (because I already have MANY posts for today) -


I have a cell phone now. *giggle* And it's HAWT. All black and FLIPPY. I like it.

Well huh

Mar. 28th, 2005 10:32 pm
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New muse. She's...interesting.

Her name is Chloe. She's a bitch, quick to defend and not much liked by our mini muses. This is because well Luke more or less rejected her, and it turned her into a psychotic bitch...we're assuming because she'd never been turned down before. She tried to beat the crap out of Amara, and ever since, well, obvious hatred. Though she allowed for many amusing moments, including Emi walking into the room and screaming "HOLY SHIT!" and Luke running out of the room very fast. She took hits at Amara, but of course got them spit back at her...and and BECAUSE SHE WAS THERE, Luke and Amara pretended to be back together. And they kind of have to continue it until she leaves. Which as of now could be tomorrow, or well longer. LAMARA! LAMARA! *Huggles Luke/Amara*

Chloe is an interesting critter. Much like Trish in some instances, such as the prideful and bitchy and stubborn qualities. Luke offered her a room (he just wants Amara longer) but she declined and ran the barn, where Morca found her...the conversation was odd. Mostly Morca cornering Chloe in the tack room, because the girl had planned to crash there, and trying to get her to admit what she was doing. Chloe (I'm gonna call her Ellie, 'cause I like it more) was very rawr...but I think she finally said...

"I'm not going home."
"Oh, look, getting somewhere. Why?"
"Fuck off."
"Well, well, you've got quite the mouth. Kind of remind me of my best friend, except I'm much more fond of Trish. *Pause* Look, whatever is going on, I don't much care...obviously there are issues here, and apparently also wherever you're supposed to be right now. But either way, I'm not letting you sleep in the tack room. Go home, or stay in a room up at the house. If you're going to sleep on our property, you might as well be comfortable."

Then Morca dragged Ellie back to the house. She doesn't like her much, and she's going to be rather blunt with her and anything she says. But she had to be a mom and at least give her a place to stay. *Pets Morca* And I'm almost interested in learning about teh Ellie now. Because Emi told me she used to be an okay person, and that they were more or less friends in Jr. High. *Shrug* It'd be nice to know more about her.

Along with her, I got another muse...Nadia. She took FOREVER to name. God, what is it with the lesbians, I can never come up with names...

And I have school tomorrow. *hiss* Bye everyone.



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