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My So Weird obsession is slowly raising itself up from the dead. I never watched this show when it originally aired...I think I was too young to understand it, I was a Nickelodeon kid, and I just didn't turn to it. But I think my first summer of talking on the lovely MSN with Lisha...I would be up at, like, two AM and it would come on Disney, and I began watching it. And I fell in love. I just couldn't help myself. I loved the characters, the stories, the music...gah. They stopped playing it, even at like 4 AM...sadness...but here's hoping it makes it to DVD, or someone has all the episodes on tape...

But, annyways, I dug up the songs I downloaded. Yay! My absolute favorite song like, ever, is from So Weird...

There’s a low rock wall
By the cliffs of Mohàr
Runs from down on the ground
Right up through the sea air
As a child I would climb
To the top of those stairs
And wish on the fog
I was anywhere else

The farms and the valleys
Are ringed with the stones
Of the men who built walls
So’s to be more alone
All that’s left of them now
Are their fears and their bones
But the rocks they pulled up
Were all I’ve ever known

The Rock fought my spirit
The Rock fed my anger
The Rock broke my heart
Like the waves of the sea
I tried hard to fight
But it still grew inside me
This island
My Ireland
The Rock is in me

Hard was the ground
In which this child grew
Unforgiving and cold
Was the home that I knew
But knowing the soil
Holds no harbor for you
Makes pulling up roots
That much easier to do

Set sail!
Young pilgrims
Set sail to a new land
Set sail!
Our future
Is out there to find
Goodbye Ma
Goodbye Da

The Rock fought my spirit
The Rock fed my anger
The Rock broke my heart
Like the waves of the sea
I tried hard to fight
But it still grew inside me
This island
My Ireland
The Rock is in me

Now it’s been years
Since I’ve been in that place
And the winds of my life
Have all weathered my face
But it’s only with distance
And the coming of grace
That I see in you beauty
I could never replace

The Rock forged my spirit
The Rock was my anchor
The Rock held me fast
Through the storms of my youth
Now you’ll never die
‘Cause you live on inside me
Illin sha
Ma herrin fain

*Glings to The Rock* It's gorgeous. Just...gah, gorgeous. I want to see that episode so badly, now.

And I remember Jewel being in the Siren episode. Faintly, because I don't much remember the Siren ep much, but yes, I remember her. And that happifies me.

*Pets her poor So Weird* I wish I could find the few episodes I had on tape...the one where Annie comes...well Fi's last episode...I want to watch it now...


What are the chances there’d be you and me
There is no might have been, I say it’s destiny
All of the lives we could live
All of the love we could give
Who would ever guess
Out of all the rest
That you would be here with me

Oh it’s a one, one, one in a million world
And we’re two, two, two in a billion
In a one in a million world
A zillion stars in the sky
Planets all spinnin’ by
Take away what might have been
And here we are again!

It’s a one, one, one in a million world...
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