Mar. 31st, 2005 05:52 pm
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Tee hee!

I have Defying Gravity on my phone. ^_^ Well, okay...it's just 'I think I'll try defying gravity' over and over, but you know what it's more Wicked-y than any of my other ringtones. Holy crap, I have no idea how much the whole thing will cost, the ring alone was $2.50..hopefully I don't get my butt kicked...

But the Cingular site gets my lurve. Because in the 'Movie/TV' section, it has like EVERY song from Wicked. I can't listen to the previews, but if this ringtone ended up not downloading like $10 worth of stupid stuff, I want No Good Deed and Popular and What Is This Feeling? and One Short Day and March of the Witch Hunters and AHH! Oh, oh, Wonderful. 'Cause I bet it's something like "Wonderful, they'll call you wonderful!" over and over, and I can deal with that. There's also the FRIENDS theme and 'If You Were Gay.' *Giggle* Still can't figure out how to get the old Alias theme (speaking of that, I need to watch that new eppy don't I...), but once I do, I'm going to nab it. 'Cause it's pretty.

And everyone is GONE NOW. Daphyn is all running off to Michigan, and Lisha is in Wisconsin...all in the same day. I can call both of them, and I think once my dad gets off the phone I shall call Lisha so I can ramble like I do on a daily basis. Tomorrow or Saturday I'll prolly call teh Daphyn, at least if what she gave me was her cell phone number. If I get a Southern guy that says "There's no Daphyn hare," I'm going to die laughing.

I shall be at Jessi's tomorrow. *Dances* Yay for that. "I'm missing something..." "A girlfriend?" "Yes." "No! A CAT!"

*Stares* Syd dahling, you in the yellow dress is slightly frightening...

Today is musey Jason's birthday! He celebrates his tomorrow, with Emily (due to the twins deciding that they wanted to be born on different days...stupid midnight...Jasey is technically a day older than Emi. Even though he's only four hours older. Emi is bitter about it, too.) but yeah I like being all 'Woot Jasey!' today. He's NINETEEN. It seems that only a year or two ago he was 6. Oh, wait, THAT'S BECAUSE HE WAS. Silly me. But, anyways, yay with that. Tomorrow is the yayness of both the start of April Fools, April Fools Day, and the fact that Emi shall be 19 as well. She will be very happy about that, not only because she's odd, but because she gets 19 fireworks for her from Luke. And 19 for Jason. Yay for my pyromaniac muses.

And the oddness that is Chloe...she talked to Emi today. Emily doesn't much have a view on her, most of the deals are with Amara and Luke, but she's long stopped thinking of her as a friend. And they were kind of dry and sarcastic with each other, but the civil was still there. And at some point, Chloe raises an eyebrow and grabs Emily's hand and stares at the rings on her hand. So then they talked about Zack and the fact that Emi wants to have kiddlins someday and, well, the odd stuff that didn't seem to fit Chloe's conversational skills. So that was sort of fun.

And HOW does Syd get reception from in a coffin? When I can't even get it at my house. HMMMMMM? And the smart thing to do would be to breathe shallow, wouldn't it? Holding your breath makes you have to take deeper breaths...plus it's a pain in the ass and makes your heart go 'STOP IT NOW!' And she should calm down, but you know, if I were in a coffin alive, I would be much worse off than that...

I should hop off and watch the rest of Alias...

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